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Drama at the Cypha


23 July 2004 No Comment

Every Thursday at 8 pm a jingle plays and the intro song comes in, fades out and then Eraze screams thru the speakers. The time finally comes to 9:30. The freestyling starts. Another wack emcee? Well read on to find out what went down…

Don’t some of these peeps out there ever listen to what plays on the show?. Don’t they ever sit down and ask themselves how I can get my flow on the same level as that dude on that track? It’s sad when a dude walks in, spits some wack rhymes and it’s sounding all off beat. 

Let’s get back to what I do, update you with what is happening in the crazy world of Nam Hop (as Shane put’s it). Last night the Cypha playlist was tight, with a lot of Wu Tang material with a new track from ODB featuring Thirstin Howl. It was banging….

During the freestyling session we had some young cats who are still wet behind the ears and oh my god those boys were wack. They call themselves DLW. Their wackness prompted some shorty to call thru and scream through the phone lines, “You Are Wack”. Kannibal of the MILITANTS called through and supported the girls statement, plus dropped a freestyle to show the youngsters how to go about it. Then Stalin of RV Inc called. He tried to be diplomatic, beating around the bush but basically what he said was that them boys were wack. However it came out alright as another new comer, A.D., stepped up and showed some potential.

If you find yourself in Windhoek this weekend ask around for a book store at the Town Square Shopping Mall. We are having a live freestyle and battle and it will be emceed by yours truely, Eraze.

P.S Watch this space for something going down between Cypha and Hiphocalypse.


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