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Cypha Switched To Friday For Stagga And Scar


19 August 2004 No Comment

Stagga and Scar from Botswana had a Thursday date with the Cypha. The brothers didn’t pitch because they left Gabs City late. They arrived in Windhoek after 12am and by that time the Cypha freestyle session had come and gone, and Eraze was safely counting sheep in lala land…

For the love of hip hop and transforming the local hip hop scene Bonx the stations manager, hooked up a thirty minutes Cypha Friday session. It was hot. X-rate, Mic-chanics, A.D, C4 (long time no see) and Mc Ekks came thru. The studio was blazed. Xrate was in top form, the only let down was that Stagga and Scar are not really freestyle cats, so most of the ishh they did was written, but sweet enuff to educate peeps about hip hop from a different and not local perspective.

The show at the club afterwards was great with a 30 minutes live session from Stagga and Scar, plus some weird ass dancing from a very “happy” Eraze.

Plus word is that Mc Ekks might soon find himself in some beef with Lethal Ammunition, coz he dissed him in a freestyele some months back, the streets is saying that Lethal has done a diss track and is soon bringing it to tha Cypha…and Mc Ekks just penned a track which he is yet to record….we all can’t wait for the outcome of this beef…

Anyway peeps that was last week at Unam Radio and tha Cypha keep those eyes wide open right hear for more, updates…. plus shout outs to them peeps up there in Germany who, repp the motherland espsecially Namibia.

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