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World’s First 72hr Hip Hop Marathon


20 November 2004 No Comment

It’s time to stop complaining. It’s time to increase the peace and stop the violence. This is the means to a solution. So, let’s do this…

Anything is possible in Cape Town, four of our top DJs are collaborating with international DJs to host the world’s first non-stop 72 hour music marathon at the V&A Waterfront (behind/adjacent the Amphitheatre close to the Food court) 18-21 November 2004. Their campaign motto is “Increase the Peace, Stop the Violence ”. 

Log onto www.nappyheads.org for more information. Live webcam clips of the performances can be viewed on the site and for more information e-mail: info@nappyheads.org

Experience the phenomenal Hip Hop canvas paintings of Leon Botha and against all odds, his positive approach to life as he unveils his artwork (you have to see this art to believe it).

Witness a new Guinness World Record performed by Foujah, for the most break dancing head spins. 

This opportunity is extended to everyone to be part of one Human Family, to share this quintessential moment and to experience the vision of the event at the V.I.P. Marquee.

All proceeds raised at this event goes to the “ FREE THRU-PLAY ” Playground restoration project. Communities throughout the Western Cape have lost the war on fighting the scourge of drugs, gangsterism, violent crimes and alcoholism. The FREE THRU-PLAY initiative can become a successful phenomenon in South Africa because of the complex youth at risk factors, which face many today. 

The aim is to restore parks in disenfranchised communities, and to give children a safe place of recreation. Through playing children are able to define who they are and who they want to be. They are able to build skills, work on problem solving, forge friendships, and practice communication. We have the land; all we need now are the pledges. 

A challenge has also been extended to international artists such as Jazzy Jeff, Busta Rhymes, Q-bert, Prince Paul, and Grandmaster Flash, to name a few, to pledge for this good cause. Let’s force these big stars to put their money where their mouths are (and that goes two-fold for you). 

Come out in numbers and support. There’s only one day left. Spread the word. This is what Hip Hop is.


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