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21 November 2004 No Comment

From the sprawling ghetto of Pickine hail the three individuals who make up Tigrim Bi, Pickine’s number one hip-hop crew. Tigrim Bi are the prime example of what happens when talent, practice and good work ethic are executed properly…

With three part rhymes, call and response choruses and catchy hooks, Tigrim Bi continue to captivate audiences all over Senegal. 

Tigrim Bi have just released their first album “Do Foo Lay Def” (We Don’t Play, We Do) and it is clear from the overwhelmingly positive response that Tigrim Bi aren’t leaving the scene anytime soon. 

With a new single “Hip-Hop” on African Underground Vol. 2. Tigrim Bi will continue to wow audiences with their intense live performances and stellar recordings.

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