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Remembering Le Club Week


6 December 2004 No Comment

From Monday the 13th December until 17th December – Harambe on YFM will be dedicating a whole week to Le Club. We will have d.j’s and emcee’s coming through. Battles, hang out sessions too. Read on for more details…

People will be able to call 0827573949 and leave messages about Le Club, their memories, funny stories, the best punchlines or even some weaklines that they remember in battles. What they miss the most. 

Feel free to talk about people who have blown up as a result of Le Club and you knew they would. Also talk about people who have developed a lot from the days of Le Club and people who were legends in Le Club that have disappeared. 

Callers will also be able to let Harambe know who they felt were some of the legends from Le Club days etc. The whole week will be listener driven and email driven too. 

So start today call 0827574939 and leave your le club message. Or email lee@yfm.co.za and put the subject as “a day in the life”. Anything and everything about le club- you tell us your story on Le Club…

Why we doing it- just for the fun of it. Lets go back in time to the days of Le Club.

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