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Kallitz In The Last FM Charts


25 January 2005 No Comment

With 3 songs in the Top Ten (‘Die Ding Ruk Mal’, ‘Die Ding Ruk Mal – REMIX’ and ‘Oppie Yaat’), as well as reaching No 14 on the Top Artists Charts, Afrikaans Hip Hop group Kallitz are ruling the Internet airwaves on the London based Internet radio station www.last.fm.  Read on for entire story…

Kallitz are beaten only by international superstars such as (in that order) Led Zeppelin, U2, Creedence Clearwater Survival, Eminem, Peter Gabriel, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Jimmi Hendrix, KMFDM, Supertramp, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty and the Hearbreakers, The Cult and Battery 9, which mirrors their recent local success of reaching No 5 in the 2004 samp3.com Download Charts, trailing Steve Hofmeyer, the winner of Best Selling Recording Artist at Sama 2004.

Kallitz are the only South African band featuring in the Top 15, with “second place SA band” and local favorite, Fokofpolisiekar, trailing at No 20 internationally.

About www.last.fm (courtesy of their web site):

“Brought to you by 5 passionate (read “pennyless”) guys from our office in a London “backwater”, we attempt to play our part in changing the way music is consumed for ever. Here’s how it goes: 
Last.fm is connecting people through music, and not just showering people with music. Your Last.fm profile is your key to this new world of online music, in which you and your fellow users are in charge of what is on air. 

The enormous collection of music on the internet calls for a new kind of online radio. A radio that connects you straight with the right music without having to do mind-numbing searches and scrolling endless playlists. There is already enough knowledge out there to play you the right music everytime, we just need to bring people together to share that knowledge. 

Mega star or an unsigned band, on Last.fm every song gets the same starting point. You, the listeners, decide what’s great music and what’s rubbish. So you all together are building the Last.fm program, for yourself and for each other. Have fun sharing and get connected to people who like music you like too.


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