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The Cipher May Be The Next Big Hip-Hop Show

28 March 2005 No Comment

A young woman from Whaleyville will be the hostess of a hip-hop music video show to be aired on a Los Angeles television station on Friday, April 1, and Friday, April 8. Lesley Bunting, 23, is the third winner of a new reality television music video countdown competition. She won the opportunity to be on the show through an Internet site, www.winyourowntvshow.com and hopes it could help jumpstart a career for her in television.

Bunting, who has a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from Salisbury University, would like to move from her bartending job at Crab Alley in West Ocean City to a job in front of the cameras in the entertainment industry.

It was while searching the Internet for job opportunities that she came across the website offering the chance to “win your own tv show.”

She joined the website in January and then submitted a photograph and information about herself. “I should be the next host because I have wits like Samantha Brown, the elegance of Grace Kelly, brains like Jodi Foster and the looks of Kristin Davis,” she wrote. 

She also wrote that her interests include travel, fishing, the beach, fashion and swimming.

Then she waited. It didn’t take long. A couple of weeks ago, she received an email saying she had gotten the most votes and would be the hostess of a music video show. 

The segment for the half-hour show, named The Cipher Show, was filmed last week at Seacrets. Manning the video camera was Brendon Altvater, a Salisbury University student majoring in film.

Steven Jennings, a producer of The Cipher Show, said he had seen part of the Seacrets video and liked it. “I do believe she has a great chance [at a career in broadcasting]. Hollywood will have the opportunity to see her.”

The show will be televised twice on KJLA in Los Angeles and Jennings said he would like to find some area businesses to sponsor the show so it could be shown in the Ocean City area as well. Bunting’s television debut may also be seen on the Internet at www.winyourowntvshow.com later this month.

Producer Joshua Chamberlain said he and the other producers have no control over who wins the opportunity to be on television. That decision, he said, is decided by votes from the public and Bunting had more than 1,000 votes. 

Chamberlain said Bunting “absolutely” has a chance of getting a job in the broadcast industry because of her win. KJLA television has an audience of 3 million viewers, he said.

A new winner is expected to be selected every two weeks because a new show must be produced every two weeks. The producers just signed a 13-week contract with KJLA.

Contest winners who are near the Los Angeles area get the opportunity to work with industry film crews. Others, like Bunting, work with camera technicians at their own locations. The first two winners of the reality television contest were from Hollywood and West Hollywood.

Nancy Powell
Associate Editor


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