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BMG 44 Biography

30 April 2005 No Comment

BMG 44 is a pillar of the Senegalese Hip-Hop community. With over 25 combined years experience on the mic, Nigga (AKA the Lyrical Cheddo) and Matador put on the most over the top, energetic live performance out of any Senegalese hip-hop crew past or present…

In 2000 BMG produced the controversial classics “Def Ci Yaw” which spoke out against government corruption and thievery which had a huge enormous impact on the 2000 Senegalese elections. 

These days BMG 44 find themselves in Europe almost as much as Dakar due to the fact that they are constantly on tour. 

After recording their classic hip-hop anthem “44” on African Underground Vol. 1 they went into the studio in Belgium where they are working on their highly anticipated second full length release.

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