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Boys From Country Clare – Review

30 April 2005 No Comment

BOYS FROM COUNTY CLARE is about two brothers who had a falling out about a woman and have been estranged for twenty years. John Joe’s brother Jimmy stole his girlfriend Maisie and got her pregnant then abandoned her. Twenty years later Jimmy arrives back in town to enter the All-Ireland Traditional Music Competition to take on John Joe the reigning champion. In the past twenty years Jimmy’s daughter Anne has become an accomplished musician in John Joe’s band with her mother Maisie. Anne meets Teddy a flute player in Jimmy’s band and they fall in love much to the displeasure of Maisie. Conflict ensues between Jimmy and John Joe and between Anne and Maisie as the competition reaches its climatic twist.

The film is billed as a romantic comedy but there are more witty lines, hilarious insults and comedic moments than there are romantic interludes. Andrea Corr and her love interest Shaun Evans should have had more on screen time. The love hate relationship between John Joe and Jimmy should have had more on screen. The relationship between Maisie and John Joe should have had more on screen time. You get the idea.

There are so many interesting plots in the film that just that one plotline would have been sufficient enough to create an interesting movie. That is the only flaw of the film that it doesn’t explore enough of itself to do justice to itself.

BOYS FROM COUNTY CLARE is a light-hearted creation that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The characters are a bit two-dimensional but the performance by the cast makes it entertaining nonetheless. It puts a smile on your face from beginning to end while sneaking in more than enough in between to make it a comedy worth watching.

CAST: Colm Meaney, Bernard Hill, Andrea Corr and Shaun Evans

SCREENPLAY: Nicholas Adams

DIRECTOR: John Irvin

GENRE: Romantic Comedy


RUNNING TIME: 91 minutes

RELEASE DATE: 3 September 2004

RATING: 6/10

“Music, Underhanded Schemes, Irishmen Competing and Brotherly Love”

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Review by Punjabi_Goth for Africasgateway.com

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