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Ladder 49 – Review

30 April 2005 No Comment

Jack Morrison (Joaquin Phoenix) is a fire fighter who is injured and stuck in a burning building while on duty. As he is trying to survive in the collapsing building he takes stock of his life.

LADDER 49 has a good idea as its base and a good cast to carry it. A man who is in a life or death situation reviewing his life and not knowing whether he will ever see his wife whom he loves very much or their children again; moving and interesting. Then you have Joaquin Phoenix and John Travolta in it. The only problem is not fiction but reality. September 11th is why this movie will be popular in the USA; ironically that’s why it will get taken with a pinch of salt outside of the states. Which is a pity because it is a good movie, not amazing but a good leap above okay.

It tugs on all the right emotional chords and it doesn’t over glamorise the fire fighting action scenes. It’s a drama with some action in it. It’s the new kind of Hollywood movie; it plays on your emotions while remaining true to the story. It’s good, not amazing but a good leap above okay and if you’re in the mood for a good movie give it a whirl.

CAST: Joaquin Phoenix, John Travolta, Jacinda Barrett, Robert Patrick, Morris Chestnut, and Billy Burke

DIRECTOR: Jay Russell

RUNNING TIME: 115 minutes 


GENRE: Action Drama

RELEASE DATE: 4 February 2005

RATING: 7/10

“Moving Story With Good Cast Just A Bit Soppy At Times”

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Review by Punjabi_Goth for Africasgateway.com

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