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30 April 2005 No Comment

Slam Revolution is one of the original old school groups in Dakar. Founded and lead by solo rapper Shiffai along side fellow MCs Momo and Shaka, Slam Revolution enjoyed a ten tear career with hits such as “Life u Mbedd” (Life of the Street), and “Wax Degg” (Speak Truth).

Today each member of Slam has gone solo using the skills they learned with the crew and taking it to the studio. Sadly the crew recently suffered a devastating loss when fellow MC and longtime friend Mohammed Ba (AKA Tipse) was murdered while on a religious pilgrimage to Touba (Senegalís religious center) and is still an unsolved mystery. 

(You can hear Shiffai’s tribute to this great MC, “Never Forget” on African Underground Vol. 1.)

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