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The Motorcycle Diaries – Review

30 April 2005 No Comment

THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES is based on the memoir of Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara; yes the Che Guevara. It chronicles Ernesto’s (Gael Garcia Bernal) journey with his friend Alberto (Rodrigo de la Serna) from Argentina to Peru by motorcycle in 1952. The journey shows the reality of the troubles of South America, which changes both of them.

The story is interesting because of what happens more than the fact it’s based on a true story of one of the great twentieth century icons. Bernal’s performance is excellent as usual and De La Serna compliments it, he is well cast as Alberto, a smooth talking, skirt-chasing biochemist.

The transformation of two men experiencing the same journey and being changed differently, one becomes a respected medical practitioner and the other a revolutionary, is a very interesting transformation.

It’s a good movie, its 95 minutes long but it doesn’t feel that short and every second is packed with something interesting. For a film based on someone serious it sure has many humorous moments. 

For a coming of age story it also feels very realistic, then again it is based on someone’s memoirs but it doesn’t feel dramatised in any way. 

It really does stay with you a while after watching it. It could inspire you; you have been warned.

CAST: Gael Garcia Bernal, Rodrigo de la Serna, Mia Maestro, Mercedes Moran and Jean-Pierre Noher
DIRECTOR: Walter Salles
PRODUCERS: Michael Nozik, Karen Tenkhoff and Edgard Tennebaum
RUNNING TIME: 95 Minutes 
AGE RESTRICTION: 10 L (Spanish with English Subtitles)
RELEASE DATE: 4 March 2004
RATING: 8/10

“A Coming Of Age Story About Che Guevara By Che Guevara”

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