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Namibia’s Snazzy Drops an Album


9 May 2005 No Comment

Snazzy, as she is affectionately known by her fans, was born in Tsumeb on the 19th October 1987. Like most professionally successful musicians, she started singing, writing poetry and lyrics at an infantile age. Over the years, she fell in love with Hip-Hop and has since made it her forte. She is currently in Grade 12 at Windhoek’s Technical High School, where in 2003 she managed to be amongst the top students by attaining 40 points for her Grade 10 external exams. She aims to fulfil her envisaged short-term and long-term objectives by the end of the year. That includes, releasing her debut album and getting it distributed internationally…

Apart from singing, Snazzy is also a professional model. She featured in Queenspark’s 2004 Winter Fashion Show, an acclaimed Southern African Fashion House. Additionally, Snazzy’s intellect and ability to walk the ramp secured her the title of Miss Technical High School for the period 2004-2005 at a glittery event hosted by Technical High in June 2004. Likewise, she was also crowned Second Princess at Fanta’s Miss Teen 2004 Beauty Pageant. On the music business frontier, she has successfully completed her debut EP “Say My Name which will be available commercially in music stores around the country as of 6 th May 2005. Her quintessential persona sets her ahead of her peers. More so, Snazzy was nominated for the Best R&B/Hip-Hop Female Award at the Sanlam Namibia Music Awards 2003 and Sanlam NBC Music Awards 2004 consecutively. Snazzy is signed to RV IN), a Windhoek based self-empowered entertainment record label.

At RV IN) she was accorded the privilege of working with R&B/Hip-Hop producer Stalin, the brainchild behind successful artists such as Rachel [Winner of the Best R&B/Hip-Hop Female Award at the Sanlam Namibia Music Awards at the end of 2003], Tequila, Christi and many more. Together with Hip-Hop/R&B producers, Stalin and Brezhnev [Russian Guitar Genius], she is busy co-producing a classic Hip-Hop/R&B LP which will be available later this summer. Additionally, she has successfully amalgamated with other artists on Hip-Hop/R&B crossover collaborations. These include soul maestro African Boy, Rachel, Don Gabrio and the rest of RV IN)’s artist arsenal.

Snazzy is truly blessed with the ability to write from a socio-conscious perspective, tackling social ills and equally motivating her peers and elders alike. Both musically and socially, she aims to educate her audience whilst simultaneously providing an unmatched heavy dose of entertainment. Snazzy is undoubtedly the best female rapper to have landed on the “Land of the Brave”, our own Nubian Princess of Hip-Hop period. Her talent has been carefully molded, crafted, perfected and matured over a period of two years of vocal training and intensive professional studio recordings.

RV IN) trusts that Snazzy has that extra national value which can compliment your already vibrant selection of artists to perform during your upcoming festivities.

Performance History and Additional Information

School Functions
Pepsi Talent Search Competition Finals 2003
Tafel Lager/NTN Hip-Hop Night 2004 at the Windhoek Show
New video on NBC TV
High radio circulation of “Say My Name” since 2003
Nominated twice for “Say My Name” and “Get It On” for a Sanlam Namibia/NBC Music Award [Best Hip-Hop/R&B Female]
Namibia’s 15 th Independence Celebrations
Miss Independence 2005
Faizel MCs CD Launch

Say My Name [EP] – Tracklist

Say My Name 
Get It On Feat. Rachel 
African Pride Feat. African Boy & Stalin 
Santa Claus [Skit] 
Santa Claus Feat. RV Dream Team
All songs produced by Stalin & Co-produced by Snazzy for RV IN) Santa Claus includes additional production by Cannibal and Don Gabrio

Additional CD information

The “Say My Name [EP]” will be available from Universal Sounds, American Records, Earz Music Store, and can also be purchased from the internet @ http://rvbabe.calabashmusic.com/ by credit card as part of RV IN)’s international compilation RV Babi Vol.1 .

Snazzy Management Contact Details

Mr. Stalin Kapembe
Snazzy’s Producer & Co Manager

Mrs. Cathy Andreson
Snazzy’s Mother & Co Manager

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