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New Har-Bal Version 2.0

4 October 2005 No Comment

If you thought Har-Bal was controversial within the professional mastering community then be prepared for what we have in store. The next version of Har-Bal will add to the controversy surrounding Har-Bal. We have been working on reference free algorithms to automatically design near optimum equalization filters for any given track and have had good success.

Enter the Har-Bal IntuitQ

After loading your track a single button press will design a Harbalizing filter for your track that is near perfect. If satisfied, leave the design as-is or manually tweak it to taste, then press the IntuitQ button again.

From our experiences with an early prototype on the majority of tracks little or no further tweaking will be required and the production intent in your mix will be preserved. This is possible because the process does not rely on references or curve stealing. It extracts the necessary harbalization scheme from the track itself and nothing more.

Unlike curve stealing, “IntuitQ?” does not attempt to drastically alter the “overall” spectrum shape of your track. It simple works on filling in the holes and dumbing down overemphasized parts in much the same way as a seasoned Har-Bal user would do it. It preserves the dynamics and ambience rather than the often stifling and damped down sound obtained from curve matching. If your track is well mixed you’ll find “IntuitQ” does little to change it. However, the more unbalanced the mix the greater the effect of “ IntuitQ “, as it should be.

Har-Bal continues to be one of the most controversial tools to date and this version will only add to the controversy as it goes part way to tackling the often touted impossible – Automated EQ.

The new version upgrade will be free to all registered users and will be sent out once the beta stage has been completed.
Har-Bal will be asking for hardcore beta testers shortly. We will send out the necessary files.

You will need to be a registered Har-Bal user.

Har-Bal International

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