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Dance-Jazz-HipHop Concert – November 2005


28 October 2005 No Comment

It is an artistic battlecry to declare elevated music is an obligatory partner to grand dance. In witness to this, the City of Gauteng is set to showcase a veritable creativity marking cross-continent collaborations. This press release is sent to inform you of the upcoming Dance-Music Concert series (02-13 November 2005 at the Tesson Theatre in Johannesburg) which luxuriantly promises to feature a multimedia ensemble of jazz-inspired music and dance courtesy of the BrooklynSowetoConnection (BSC)…

This esteemed musical-dance assembly at the Civic Theatre will straddle the lines of cultural geographies in South Africa-North America while imbued with DNA of inherited-improvised lineages across individual and group counterpoints. In terms of performance repertoire, the show will be divided into a first-half presentation of a tribute to the jazz tradition fundamentals of say 4/4 swing (fast-medium-slow) and blues tradition, whilst the concluding half specifically features original polyrhythm compositions of the BrooklynSowetoConnection. An intention is to bring forth authoritative musicians in complete control of their instruments and diverse musical genres. 

Looking at the list of artists headlining this inimitable musical-dance bill, one is simply awed by résumé of the American musical director of BSC, Anthony Wonsey. Wonsey as a pianist has been associated with John Coltrane-school graduate drummer, Elvin Jones’ Jazz Machine, he has also featured in Louis Armstrong’s spirited recordings of Nicholas Payton – ‘Nouveau Gumbo’, ‘Payton’s Place’ and has held a steady beat with his trio of Carl Allen on drums and prodigious Christian McBride. His hard-charging lyrical 2004 release on the Sharp Nine label is titled ‘Blues for Hiroshi’. 

The brass timbre section is in no less illustrious hands – saxophonist Stacy Dillard, possessing a lightning vocabulary has also sharpened his chord chops under tutelage of jazz greats Lenny White (of Return to Forever fame) and virtuoso trumpeter Wynton Marsalis. And manning the rhythm section is a notable young man from Washington, D.C., named Ameen Sutan Saleem on palpable bass. And on percussion is the propulsive eMzansi son Thule Malgas, who also doubles as a dance anchor to this jazz exploration cadence. Malgas is a trailblazing sequoia in the dancing community since his 1979 premier on South African stages. 

To be sure, Malgas has enjoyed a beautifully mottled history ranging from classical dance training under direction of Adele Blank; he is co-founder of Dance Flight Company and founder of Black Dance Incorporated; was centrally featured in a South African first – maestro Abdullah Ibrahim’s musical video; and choreographed the dance title sequence to the popular e.tv series Backstage. 

There is also prospect of an infrequent piano pairing of Wonsey and thrusting Rodney Kendrick on the weekend of 05-06 November only. Kendrick, who has served a residency in the 1970s group of James Brown, worships at the jazz alter of Edward Duke Ellington and is enamored with rhythmic melody of Thelonious Sphere Monk. Moreover, Kendrick has indulged in the stellar company of George Benson and Freddie Hubbard. Making his sophomore input into BSC is platinum-selling hip-hop rhyme master, multi-instrumentalist Pitch Black Afro (PBA) in the same weekend’s gig engagement, 05-06, plus 12 & 13, having debuted with BSC at the 2005 Cape Town International Jazz Festival. 

Therefore, for a matchless concert series of embodied jazz history and future possibilities, which re-presents African roots and Brooklyn-Soweto routes like no other, book yourself a seat. Why? Simply stated, the names of these inventive artists on any marquee signal Go! And in recording sleeves urge Buy! Reason enough to delight in dynamic syncopations summoning all senses. 

Contact Person: Unathi ‘ King’ Sonti
Contact Number: +27 (0)72 855 8990
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