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Breakin the Barriers at the Zula Bar review


19 November 2005 No Comment

Whoah, the lineup on this bill was plenty, it included Godessa, Jitsvinger, Ej Von Lyrik, Teba, Supadan, Each One Teach One….and many others as well. I arrived at the event with great expectation and I am happy to say that Ej Von Lyrik kicked some seriously brilllaint solo reggae tracks.  Her talent definitley holds no bounds and the great news is that this sister is finally working on something I have been personally and patiently waiting for – a solo album.  It’s high time…

As part of the audience I expected to soar even higher with the rest of the artists but it was not to be so…really! Superdan, who launched their album the evening before at the Armchair theater sort of killed the mood a bit…now don’t get the information twisted, they are mad talented but the track selection was not appropriate for the event.  I saw them perform two weeks prior with their emcees, who were sorely absent and they were rocking it for real.  In essence the beautiful soul sounds they kicked were not really suited to the heads at the event that night.  So dont question the Skills.  They are tight.  

Godessa stepped up to the stage and did their thing which was dope too, they kicked the ever popular “Social ills” and “Mindz Ablaze” joints which the crowd loved singing to.  So there I was back into the rythym of the night, amped to party hard and go all out.  Then we were met with “Each One teach One” who was not rocking it like it should have been.  It’s hard work when the energy from the stage changes like that all the time.

I knew that Teba, Jitsvinger and Garlic Brown was going rip it to pieces.  Teba set if off with some nice roots sounds so that got the party back on track for a while.  I wondered around Zula after that and kept my ear open for anything I can bless AfricasGateway with  and I delivered.  I got some hot info which I will let you guys in on and the end of this review.

Jitsvinger who I always heard about and never saw perform (no I dont live under a rock I just recently got back into the hip hop culture writing -so bare with me) also impressed the hell out of me.  He and Bernie (Godessa) collaborated on a dope afrikaans laced joint…really tight.
To my dissapoinment, Garlic Brown did not perform although he was at the show, on the bill, just not on the damn stage.  There was lots of complaints about the flyer being wack as it looked like a photocopied A4 sized paper.  People wanted to know why such a supreme lineup of artists would be put on a flyer like that.  You know the headz dont miss anything man.

There was alot of familiar hip hop headz at the jam e.g. Emile, Keketso, Archetypes, Konfab and Baron who also hit the 1’s and 2’s with an “old skool” set that had me jumping around like I was at the Base, only problem was I aint getting no younger so naturally I injured myself (pulled a leg muscle), eish!

So you guys are anticipating the the information I managed to get….here it is.  The Architeks (well one member of the crew – Chiku Gardiner is working on a solo joint) are making a comeback.  It’s been worked on as you read this.  Watch This Space…about to catch the scoop on it…Don’t sleep. We Breakin the Barriers…

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