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My Hip Hop Is African and Proud


19 November 2005 No Comment

The First audition for "My Hip Hop is African and Proud" play is on the 26th November 2005 at 11H00 – 14H00 at Joseph Stone Auditorium in Athlone. Emile YX? of Black Noise, has created a hip hop dance play based on stories from his book by the same name and rhymes. The play will touch on issues of Afrocentricity, identity, hip hop then and now, lies in the industry, the power of truly being proud of being AFRICAN and my/ our hip hop versus their version of it. This will all be told through rhymes, poetry, dance, music and visuals. It is his plan to perform the play locally and then tour internationally. It will be complimented by a book, DVD, clothing line and album that Emile is currently working on…

Black Noise new CD, “Getcha on the Floor” has been remastered and will be launched with a tour throughout the Western Cape focussing getting Africans to TAKE ACTION and ACT-I-ON the words we speak. A detailed schedule will be sent to the media in the next 2 weeks and the group will tour nationally from April until July 2006. So if you’re interested in them doing performances or b-boy, new skool dance, DJ or capoeira workshops at your school, contact Emile @ 082 3958125. Also check www.blacknoise.co.za

Emile has also completed part one of a documentary about the history of b-boying in South Africa. It is part of Hip Hop How To part 2. This DVD focusses on more advanced b-boy moves by members of Ubuntu, the history of b-boying and African Battle Cry #7. It is about 3 hours long and well worth R150. If you wanna purchase a copy call Emile at 0823958125 or check www.healthehood.org

African Battle Cry # 8 2005 will take place at Joseph Stone Auditorium on the 21st December 2005. As usual it will host workshops in DJing, MCing, Graff, Music Industry, B-boying & capoeira. The workshops are from 17H00 – 20H00. Then the 2 on 2 b-boy battles happen, followed by a beatbox battle, MC battle, B-boy Crew battles, popping battles, New Skool Battle. Cash and prizes to be won. Tickets are R30 pre-sold & R40 at the door. For info or tickets call 082 3958125 or 082 4744750

Da Juice Magazine is BACK. Emile has decided to relaunch Da Juice Hip Hop Magazine and distribute it through the hip hoppers nationally ensuring that stories about hip hop are told by hip hop activists and creating an income for hip hop. Da Juice was first released in 1993 and is completely funded by Emile with the focus on South African, African and hip hop activists globally. If you want to write, contribute and distribute Da Juice, please mail Emile at emileyx@hotmail.com or send demos, photos, DVDs, mix tapes, underground zines, etc to Da Juice, P.O.Box 31184, Grassy Park 7888, Cape Town 8000, South Africa.

Emile can also be emailed at emiley@mweb.co.za or emileyx@hotmail.com or blacknoisesouthafrica@hotmail.com

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