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Brooklyn’s Money Makin’ Operation debut album, ‘We MMO’

29 November 2005 No Comment

The streets of BK will rejoice when MMO (Money Makin’ Operation) finally drops their debut album, “We MMO” this Fall 2005. Consisting of TRIGG-NOMM (Trigga) & Itchy Finga Sha, MMO got their start from hustling the streets of Brooklyn and eventually toured the world as openers for the famed legendary rap crew, Wu-Tang Clan. Trigga says, “We are a Money Makin Operation…. but first we are poets.”

“We MMO” boasts top-notch production by Padrone (known for work with Dr. Dre & Knocturnal) , T.P. (known for his work with Cassidy), DJ Dummie (Common’s DJ), & Marvin “Select” Niles. The album also features MMO officials: Pearl Handle, Blac Rayn, Loui Coinz, 7-UP, Bam Bam the Badman, K.O. (Dollaz), Foogie, Nat Turner, and Naisha. The album is the first independent release for the crew and they are working hard to make sure that people will notice. Trigga says, “We did everything ourselves. We switched it up from hustling nickel and dimes to hustling our CDs, DVDs, t-shirts & hats.”

Sha explains, “There are a whole lotta street messages in our songs. Most of the songs on the album are for the hood. If it ain’t about the dollar it don’t make sense. The title track, “We MMO” is the perfect introduction to the crew as they offer the listener an immediate dose of what’s in store for the album.

Sha says, “I want my kids to be able to prosper off of this. 10 years from now, I’m not gonna be rappin’. But I want my MMO dudes coming up to take this to the next level.”

Money Makin’ Operation is destined to be the movement for the new millennium. The debut album, “We MMO” asks the supreme question, “If you’re not trying to make money then what else are you doing to survive in this world?” Don’t ask these Brooklyn cats that question cause they’ll tell you, “You know we gettin’ dough…”WE MMO!”

For more info visit the website at: www.myspace.com/officialmmo

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