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29 November 2005 No Comment

First Case Alliance is a hip hop movement which started in 1998 (Khayelitsha – Cape Town) by 9 high school boys. They wrote poetry on black consciousness and the revolutionary struggle within the youth of South Africa. The 9 members used to meet in the streets of Khayelitsha and recite their rhymes after school hours…

Inevitably they progressed to reciting their rhymes on instrumentals and single CD’s. In 2000 Luyanda Mafiana studied Sound Engineering and learned to produce hip hop backing tracks for the movement.

Mission: First Case Alliance builds on concepts to uplift and inspire the youth on righteous living and writing poetry. The struggle we experience as the youth is translated into profound word art form. This creates an elusion of words to picture the reality of the life they living.

"Writers never die and righteous never lie, when the ink from the pen flows from dip within, inhale take a breath naturally and get the high."  First Case are solders of divine purpose with a unique style of writing, the pen and the microphone are the only weapons they use to survive in their daily struggle.

Luyanda {Righteous Leads} is one of the founders of First Case Alliance. He mc’s, produces and composes the music. Luyanda writes simple and definitive lyrics that concentrate on issues that evolve on his experience in life.

Lunga {Native Logic} was the last mc to join First Case Alliance with a figurative style of writing and metaphysical expression. He believes in himself and tackles issues of political oppression and freedom of expression.

Mzwabantu (Omniscient Narrator) is one of the founders of First Case Alliance. He is the driver of most concepts that they write about.
Omniscient Narrator prides with a word play of conscious and inspirational common sense style of writing.

Zandi, the only lady in the crew, is a palliating vocalist and poet who units various sounds ranging from Afro-soul to hardcore traditional rhymes. She writes in English and Xhosa and challenges anything that shackles humanity while celebrating the creativity of human spirit.

Dylan Valley (D-Stabilizer) plays the guitar, didgeridoo, and is a renowned ukulele master. His rumored to be from Cape Town but no one is sure.

Mava (Juda) masters the percussion. He loves music especially indigenous instruments. He also loves nature and shouts out the same message to every one, ONE LOVE.

Chris Born (Beatroot) hails from Mozambique. He plays the funky bass guitar and keys. Chris also makes bits, soundtracks for film and ads.

Album: Umzabalazo (the daily struggle) the debut album was recorded in their home studio with no hi-tech infrastructure. Umzabalazo was produced by Luyanda rocking the mic with Lunga and Mzwabantu. This album of 21 tracks was released independently, marketed on the streets of Cape Town and community radio stations around the city.

Shows: First Case Alliance has been doing shows around the cape peninsula area and are highly recognized in the Cape Hip Hop scenario. The shows are based on giving a platform to other musicians who are out to share and spread the word – building on the word art form. First Case Alliance has their own sound equipment to make live shows. The work is self sponsored. Mihla Kumalo and Luyanda Mafiana are the organizers of the shows. They find a venue, book performers, design and put out posters and flyers.

Biography by Mihla Kumalo

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