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Rockwilder Showers The ‘Hood’ With Millions

14 December 2005 No Comment

Grammy Award winning producer Rockwilder is not stopping at giving away hot new beats to up and coming Artists at the price of $10.00. He is now on a mission to make the “hood” or the less fortunate hip-hop community wealthy.

Dana Stinson who is known to the Hip Hop World as Rockwilder has been able to make a success out of himself by producing some of the hottest music tracks in Hip Hop as well as receiving a Grammy Award for his talent. Just last week he announced that he was launching Rocbeats.com to assist up and coming artists to receive the best music productions for their Demos and Independent Labels.

What Rockwilder is set to do now is change the game. He states "I think that fans not only want to see their favorite artist just bling, but right now wants to know how could they live the same life style and get money like their favorite artists." This is his reason for releasing the Urban Millionaires CD’s. He wants to educate the "hood" on how to get the luxury cars, extravagant cribs, and million dollar businesses.

This all started when he had a meeting with his business consultant, Allen Brown. They both shared the same interest in wanting to educate the Urban Community on how to take practical steps in becoming millionaires. After little discussion, the birth of their business venture, Urban Millionaires was formed. Its focus as a company is to educate the Urban community on how to become millionaires.

The benefit of what is being brought to the table is that there is no outrageous consultant fee to receive the information that is needed. Rockwilder and Allen utilize the same hip-hop elements by recording easy to understand information on a low priced CD with music produced by Rockwilder. Rockwilder states "I used to pay attorneys and business consultants up to $200.00 an hour to discuss business moves that I wanted to make. But I know that individuals in the "hood" can’t really afford that. So I took my beats and Allen spoke over them telling anyone who listens how to get dough."

Presently, Rockwilder maintains a beautiful home in Long Island, NY. It is inclusive, with a recording studio, pool, spacious backyard, and a few other additions. He also has investments in other real estate property and other businesses. Rockwilder states, "When I sit back and think about individuals in the "hood", I realize how much I will appreciate them enjoying the same lifestyle as myself. I mean, when I brought my moms a 500 Mercedes Benz Coupe, it was one of the best feelings in the world for me. A feeling that I would want everyone to experience."

Currently, the Urban Millionaires CD’s are available online for mail order at www.urbanmillionaires.com. However, once the company finds the right distribution and marketing company they will also be available in retail.

Rockwilder verbally notes that his entire focus for 2006 is to give back in as many ways as possible. He states "I know when people hear my name they think of the music I produced for Method Man and Redman or even Jay-Z’s "Do it Again", which I am very thankful for, but if I leave this earth tomorrow I would want people to say that Rockwilder really looked out for me by releasing the Urban Millionaire CD’s, which taught me how to get money the right way."


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