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African Battle Cry Number 8 – Annual Hip Hop Event


20 December 2005 No Comment

African Battle Cry # 8 2005 will take place at Joseph Stone Auditorium on the 21st December 2005. As usual it will host workshops in DJing, MCing, Graff, Music Industry, B-boying & Capoeira. The workshops are from 17H00 – 20H00. Then the 2 on 2 b-boy battles happen, followed by a beatbox battle, MC battle, B-boy Crew battles, popping battles, New Skool Battle. Cash and prizes to be won. Tickets are R30 pre-sold/ pre-booked & R40 at the door. For info or tickets call 082 3958125 or 082 4744750. Emile can also be emailed at emiley@mweb.co.za or emileyx@hotmail.com or blacknoisesouthafrica@hotmail.com.

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