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DJ Bionic assaulted by M-Net celebrity sports anchor Tony Ndoro


15 February 2006 No Comment

At 1am Sunday morning 12th February 2006, popular hip hop dj and producer Bradley Williams aka DJ Bionic was physically assaulted and beat to the ground by M-Net Supersports presenter and 5FM radio jock TONY NDORO. This somewhat bizarre activity took place outside the Capitol Records / bar on Tyrwhitt avenue in Rosebank. Williams was Rugby tackled to the ground and punched more than five times by the 6ft plus Ndoro…

“We got into an argument after Tony Ndoro claimed that I flirted with his wife (a former colleague and Metro FM radio personality Azania).” The incident happened shortly after Bradley bumped into Azania on the way out of the club. He hadn¹t seen her in over three years and decided to have a quick chat with her before leaving for home. He was approached by Tony Ndoro in what seemed like a joke at first, accusing him of flirting with Azania. “I laughed at the matter and joked about it” because Williams felt that he did not flirt with Azania, after all they had worked together in the past on a television show and he was with his girlfriend at the bar, a few metres away . For some reason Tony Ndoro didn¹t understand this and insisted Bradley had done so.

Due to the situation Bradley and his girlfriend left the club immediately to avoid further trouble. While walking to his car, Bradley was approached by Tony Ndoro, his friends held him back when he first tried to attack Bradley in an attempted “flying kick”, it calmed down and then we both parted ways, Bradley walked away . ³Suddenly out of nowhere, Tony charged at me in what felt and seemed like a fierce rugby tackle, I fell to the ground and he proceeded to hit me in my face and on the head several times, until I was in a semi conscious state, Tony stepped away and ran back to his car and left the club.²

Tony Ndoro left Bradley with a bruised forehead, a black eye, several burst eye blood vessels, burst lips and injuries to his shoulder, arm and right jaw… Williams spent the morning at JHB Gen Hospital where he received treatment for concussion

”For me the matter is most disturbing because of the way the dude dealt with it, (even if I did happen to flirt with his wife) you do not take it that far, we could¹ve sorted out the issue in a non-violent manner, we could¹ve resolved it verbally which was what I tried doing in the first place. Secondly, Tony Ndoro¹s a public figure and a youth role model and displays this sort of behaviour? This is not the sort of message a responsible media figure puts out there” stated Bradley Williams.

Bradley has reported the incident to the Rosebank police and has pressed charges.

For more information, photographs, etc. Please contact the following people:

Bradley Williams 083-517-4337 email: djbionic@iafrica.com

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