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Cape Flats BeatBangaz


17 February 2006 No Comment

South Africa’s premiere turntabilst group, Cape Flats Beatbangaz has just launched their site. The group consists out of 3 times D.M.C. champ Ready D, deejay for BVK, Godessa & Jits Vinger – DJ Azuhl, hip hop activist and founding figure of Cape Town hip hop scene – Shamiel X, hardcore, innovative scratch artist and founding B.V.K. member E-20 and female deejay Angirl. Collectively and individually the Beatbangaz are active in the hip hop scene locally and internationally. They have a impressive resume and are very involved in community events and workshops. They are currently recording a project and they are also releasing their album later this year. Check the site www.beatbangaz.co.za.

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