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Interview with Metaphysics – by Laurnea Saphong

22 May 2006 No Comment

This week Laurnea Saphong (BBC Africa Service) interviews Metaphysics (not to be confused with the other Meta from NY), one of Southern Africa’s most prolific rappers. Metaphysics is well known to those who follow the African hip hop scene closely.  You can also check out an interview with him on the Afrolution DVD (go seek that).  In this interview he talks about his role on the Kunta Kinte Mixtape, his thoughts on collaborating with high profile artists like Slum Village plus more indepth information on the latest Kunta Kinte Mixtape. Read more to check out the entire interview…

laurnea : This mixtape has been baptised as ”Africa’s most progressive mixtape ”, how did it feel hosting and featuring on it?

The founder of the Kunta Kinte clothing label and innovator of the Kunta Kinte Mixtape series is also the same dude who brought me to rap music on a professional level back in late 80’s. To be working with Terrie Gunz years later is an honour and a pleasure, I am so glad and it’s blessing to know that we are still at it.

laurnea : On vol 2 you had a track with Slum Village and now you have a track on vol 3 featuring Inspecta Deck [wu tang clan], how was it working with such high profile acts?

These features only symbolize our progression as African people putting down tags on the Hip-Hop wall of fame, yo we got the sickest cats repping Africa – Jean Grey, Mf Doom, Akon in fact every black woman and child needs to remember that they are African.

laurnea : Did you feel blessed working with Terrie Gunz the owner of kkcc and DJ Mujay, africa’s best hip hop dj ?

Its a blessing that they agreed for my label APOC records to put it’s stamp on their work. Kunta-Kinte is going to become an African legacy – trust me!

laurnea : With high profile artists such as Maino, Nas, Inspecta deck, 4th Disciple and TY on this joint do you think finally the western world is gonna pay attention to African hip hop like what they did to the latino hip hop scene ?

Ty has been holding down the African flag from jump, Nas has a very ethno- centric feel in some of his videos, you just have to remember Zulu Nation, Africa Bambata, Africa Izlam, X-Clan, The Flavour Unit.. Africa has always been a part of Hip Hop.

laurnea : Besides hosting and featuring on this mixtape, what other roll did you play alongside Terrie Gunz?

Lethal Language was the name of our first group, it is now the name of our marketing company. We have been working side by side to bring this project to the fore front . After DJ Mujay sent us his finished work, it has been a two man show to get it onto the streets.

laurnea : With acts from south africa, uk, tanzania, zimbabwe and usa, how long did it take then to complete the project?

Gunz has a way of making things happen so it didn’t take that long. We already have material for Vol 4 and for the DVD that we are bringing out next, we are just searching for a Host VJ and a Host DJ !.

Dj Storm and Dj Mujay have set a standard that will be hard to match.

laurnea : Which homegrown emcees are we to look out for,with tight deliveries from Begotten Sun , Carlpritt, Karizma, DKR, 3rd World Riders and Young Nations?

Carlpritt is my younger brother 19 years old his solo project already has major labels presenting some heavy offers, 3rd World riders that’s just Hip Hop right there it don’t get better than that. DKR were making demos with me in Zimbabwe when they were still in junior School and Begotten is a Genius in his own right, not only lyrically but on some ill business tip, trust me its all fire.

laurnea : With the attention that this mixtape will get in the usa only, do you think you guys are readyto take over the world , and sign major record deals out there ?

Apoc records already has some US artists associated to the label, we signing US Acts for real, I don’t really fuck with majors – just their money, Im trying to stay Independent in this game.

laurnea : After this project what is next then?

That’s easy.

Kunta Kinte Vol 4 the DVD edition, Carlpritt LP, 3rd World Riders europe release, Metaphysics meets Wu-Tang full length LP in production as we speak. Also “God and Earth” a spiritual look at Hip Hop DVD .

I am trying not to have to much on my plate and loose focus …. the journey of a thousand miles begins…. lets see how many steps it will take?

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