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Perfect Combination Sat – 27 May Zula Sound Bar


24 May 2006 No Comment

This coming Saturday 27 May sees the return of another Perfect Combination event to Zula Sound Bar 194 Long St. As the name suggests this is a combination event, combining the most popular music styles such as Hip Hop, Electronica, Breakbeat and Drum n Bass into one event. This Saturday we feature 4 Live Acts ( Eastern Robotics, Sammy Sparks, Tone Def Junkies and Sibot) and DJs ( Atari, Soulo Starr and JDL Quake) For a chance to win free tickets to the event, sms “perfect Combo” with your name to 084 868 91 00 (normal SMS rates apply). Door opens at 21:00 , cover charge is set at R20 before midnight, R30 thereafter. Read on for artist profiles…

Artist Profiles:

Sammy Sparks (Live Performance)

Style: Local Hip Hop
Sammy Sparks AKA Truth, originally hails from Botswana, spending the
last 7 years in the Mother City. Sparks has been a member of 5th Floor,
where he was always kept in the background at battles as the secret
weapon. Sparks possesses one of the most unique and captivating voices
and flows, and has been a huge asset to the Cape Town underground Hip
Hop scene. Sparks has been released on album’s like 5th Floor’s –
“Attention to detail”, as well as the “Pavement Special” a local
compilation with Dungeon Keepers. He also features on the “A Better
Plan of Life” album with Uncanny (released in Botswana 2004) . His
impressive MC battle career reads as follows: Won Battle of Year (Twice
– 2001/2002), Won African Battle Cry (Twice – 2001/2002), Won the
“Sprite Rap Activity Jam” (YFM). He is currently working on a solo
project under the alias “Truth”, expected to drop this year.

Sibot (DJ + Live Combination Performance)

Style: Glitch Hip Hop and Electronic bleeps
Sibot is a South African underground Super DJ. He has managed to cut it
to the top in just a few short years, crowned “Hip Hop Battle Champion”
in 2002. Sibot was a member in Max Normal, and currently half of The
Real Estate Agents. Sibot continues to be a heavyweight underground
producer for African Dope whilst composing tracks for TV ads like Black
Cat Peanut Butter. Sibot’s performances are sample-heavy, laden with
fun, and scattered with scratches, all this, executed with perfect
performance precision.

Atari (Warm up DJ set)

Style: 8-bit Electronica
4t4r1 hails from the world of zero’s and one’s where things look
somewhat different to the world you might be used to. Things sound a
little different too. Bit-rate becomes a medium and polyphonic bleeps
somehow blend together to sing the melodies of digits. 8-bit
electronica, you might call it, but in the end that’s just a word.
Atari has featured on the SL cover CD compilations, the track [FLA],
has by itself guaranteed Atari a place in the SA underground Hall of

Soulo Starr (Warm up DJ set)

Style: Indie Hip Hop from late 80s early 90s
Hip Hop guru Soulo Starr has been spinning his super smooth mix of
indie Hip Hop for 6 years now. Starting modestly playing house parties
in Gugulethu, and working his way into the Cape Town club scene by
playing places like Placebo Lounge (2001) and now holding residency at
Marvel and Orchard Bank. His main influences are Jazz, Funk and Motown
Soul. His day job at a High 5 record store sees him work hands on with
the latest vinyl releases, giving him access to cutting edge beats. He
is also affiliated with Digital Dust.

Eastern Robotics (Live Performance)

Style: Local Electronically fueled Hip Hop
Eastern Robotics front-man is Midnight Inc. who just so happens to be
the twin brother of Simian from The Spindle Sect. Simian has been a
member of The Spindle Sect for over 3 years. Simian has also worked
with Seven Ark, and together they had a release on American label,
Detroit Underground (2005). Midnight on the other hand has been working
with two of Cape Town’s top producers, namely The Considerate Builders
Scheme (whose debut album is about to drop on German label Combination
Records) and Humanizer who needs no introduction. Eastern Robotics as a
collective are quite new on the scene, however they plan on listing on
the JSE soon.

Tone Def Junkies (Live Performance)

Style: Acid Breakbeat, Techy Electro House and Drum n Bass
Once upon a time, in Cape town, two masters of doom smote their mighty
instruments, forging a new sound. These mighty smiters ripped asunder
genres and preconceptions, and reassembled these distinctive parts into
a cohesive disassembly. These homegrown junkies have broken beats on
Timecode, cast shade on Unit R, grooved the troopers, loved big
projects groovily, surfed sofas and are on the way upstairs in a
crimson wash of sonic assembly. Currently promoting their forthcoming
album on Fetish, the Tone Deaf sound spans the realms of glitched out
electro-hop, minimal kwai-tech, obscene electro-tech house and things
which are not mentionable. Indulge the perversion.

JDL Quake (DJ Set)

Style: Hip Hop, Breaks+DnB
Quake has been spinning the Cape Town Hip Hop and Breakbeat scene for
longer than a decade. Playing along side names such as: Wagon Christ,
Cypress Hill and Cut la Roc. Quake has also been part of many musical
experiments more known one’s being: Locust and Spindle Sect. His
alternative style and anything goes approach to music sees him flinging
discs of virtually any genre on and off the turntables. Quake also
founded Choice Records (record shop) in Buiten Street in 2005.

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