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Conquering Lions new CD now available


20 June 2006 No Comment

Jamayka and Emile met when Jamayka came to South Africa and directed him to a producer where he recorded his first album named Benga. Over the years they influenced each other with ideas to start their own record and clothing Labels. The Conquering Lions concept aims to create an ongoing relationship between like-minded African youth who have the interest of Africa at heart by creating a network for distribution of products made by African for Africans. We see it as a benefit to Africans through the creation of jobs and pride in whats from Africa…

The Conquering Lions debut album, by the same name, is now available. Consisting of South African Hip Hop Pioneer and member of Black Noise, Emile Jansen and Angolan MC and Artist, Jamayka Poston.

Artist:- The Conquering Lions, Jamayka Poston and Emile Jansen

Album:- The Conquering Lions , consists of 12 tracks

Producer:- Lungelo Lubelwana

Price:- R 60

About the Album

The first track is The Conquering Lions, about Africans rising above everything to see our potential & greatness. Track 2 is For the Money, which exposes how MCs today lie about what record label oppression and how "bling bling" determines peoples self-worth, when its what you are inside that gives you value. Heal the Neighbourhood calls young lions to rise to the glorious stature that Africa once was. Live it Loud has the same central theme. Ana Maria speaks of love for our sisters and not disrespecting them. Soul Shine Bright is about glowing from within through your deeds and new state of mind. Show me the way asks for God and the ancestors to guide us and Africa. You is about trying to be an individual in a society where you are forced to fit in or be mocked. Other tracks are Henda, No Bling Bling, Tia Tia & Afro-wearing. The album is about taking action on the words we speak. Its about putting Africa first in our hearts and minds to reclaim our pride and human dignity.

The project will expose and fight Xenophobia and racism, through performance in various communities in South Africa and Angola. Their record and clothing labels are called Cape Flats Uprising and Benga. They will promote the album with the national African Hip Hop Indaba tour in June. Tour schools in July and August. In September and October they will tour Norway and Angola in December 2006. They will release a DVD in October . There are also plans for an African tour in 2007. Both artists record labels will then release each others solo albums in Angola and South Africa later in 2007. It is their intention to include many young artists in this project who put their words into action and wish to overcome the struggles that Africans are faced with.

Info and Contact:-

Emile Jansen (021) 7060481 or 082 3958125

Jamayka Poston 083 5922881




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