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Zubz Finland Tour


16 July 2006 No Comment

Zubz (the last letta) as he is known in the hip-hop circles is going to rock the Finland hip-hop heads with his golden mic and added bonus he is taking his band. The invitation for Zubz to perform in Finland is by a project called Young Africa 2006, which aims to raise awareness about the situation in South Africa, how the black youth are trying to achieve and develop their country post apartheid.

"I am going to be in Finland from the 26th July till 6th August with my return earmarking the release of my new exciting album," says Zubz. Zubz with a band is rare catch so Finland peeps have a privilege to have the last letta with the band.

Zubz last released an album 2004, which featured banging tunes such as "I Write, M.O.V.E & Hadiende" which still to this day are still receiving heavy airplay on radio. End of August 2006, brace your self for the new Zubz’s album, which will be a smash hit album well worth the two-year break.

For further information 011 483 0988 collin@rage.co.za

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