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Woman’s Day – 8 August 2006

19 July 2006 No Comment

On 8 August it’s Women’s Day and we all know what will happen. Most people will just park off at home and pretend it’s a glorified Sunday. You can expect the government to erect a stage in a huge field somewhere and spout the same old platitudes about women’s rights while some vaguely popular artists are doing their thing in between. I am a women and I do not deny the fact that the government has done it’s bit for women. But I must admit that it’s all getting a bit boring. Needless to say I was on the look out for something exciting and when I found out I felt it was my civic duty to inform everyone. Read on for more info…

So what’s on?

You can catch UK artist Ms Dynamite, Dianne Ferrus (instrumental in bringing home the remains of Saartjie Baartman), June Van Merch (actress from Fishy Feshuns & Going up), Tina Schouw, Goddessa, Denay Willie, Emily Bruce and many more…
It all forms part of the “Strike a chord” production that is being staged at Artscape’s Main Theatre on 8 August at 8pm.

Why go?

We all know about the 1950 protest staged by women. On August 1956 – 26 000 women from all over the country marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in protest of the pass laws. Aside from great music you will be able to hear real stories of ordinary women and women who were part of the march. Then young artists will also get a chance to show their stuff.

Best part is….

You get to learn something valuable while being entertained. Oh, there’s also a DJ on hand that will have you dancing up a storm after the “Strike a Chord” event.

The only question is…have you bought your ticket yet?

for more info visit here:  http://partywithapurpose.wordpress.com/upcoming-events/

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