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Confetti Movie Review

16 September 2006 No Comment

A mockumentary that follows three couples as they try to win the coveted title of `Most Original Wedding of the Year’ competition by Confetti bridal magazine. The prize that can be won is a £500,000 house.

The three couples are: A pair of naturalists AKA nudists A disturbingly competitive pair of tennis freaks And last but not least a pair of Hollywood show tune fans.

It really looks like a documentary with some really believable weird people. The characters really have depth and there is nothing over the top. The dialogue is witty and the actors are subtle when they need to be and larger than life when they need to be. Nothing is over done, tasteful and funny. This is always a great combination for comedy.

If you loved THE OFFICE you’re going to love this. It’s not as take it or leave it with the humour though but more approachable. It’s still unbelievable that all the dialogue is improvised. Just goes to show if you have a great cast and crew who needs a script.

CONFETTI is worth more than one viewing.

CAST: Martin Freeman, Meredith MacNeill, Stephen Mangan, Vincent Franklin and Olivia Colman

DIRECTOR: Debbie Isitt

SCREENPLAY: conceived by Debbie Isitt as all the dialogue is improvised by the actors

RUNNING TIME: 100 Minutes


GENRE: Comedy


RATING: 9/10

"Believe it or not all the dialogue is improvised. Yes, seriously it is."

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