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B-Boy Solo Pros – Carfax


11 October 2006 No Comment

Today hip-hop is not what it is made out to be there is a lot more to it then just the flashy cars, money and fame. It all starts with the 5 elements of hip-hop being the dj- the drum maker of the scene, the mc- the story teller for the day, the graffiti artist- the scene setter, painting the scenery in the background for the event and setting a different mood on what’s around us and then there is the b-boy- the entertainer and tribal dancer, finally the fifth element “knowledge of self”- finding who you are in this arena and you purpose in life it’s self. Learn these basic principles on what this culture is really about and the movement that defies it self as an art form and not just another music genre.

Solo Pros’ is the first ever National Prestigious Competition to take place in the Hip-Hop culture. From its mother the 2on2 Breakdance Battles, competitors have been hand selected from all around South Africa to compete for a grand prize of competing in the Redbull BC One which takes place this year in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Where they will represent South Africa amongst the best breakdances in the world.

The aim of this contest is promote the level of excellence of or country and with the launch of the first ever breakdance game called “B-Boy” on Playstation.

1. What are the organizers Backgrounds?
Well with Mr Wouks, he born and raised in the Cape Flats in Cape Town, where started breakin with a crew that go his b-boy career started which led him out of gangsterizem and living life on the edge, now his performing with great acts like BVK (Brasse Vannie Kaap) and POC (Prophets of da City) which have now made a come back as they will be release some of their new material soon in the year to come, they were also the pioneers who open up the category of Hip-Hop in S.A music.
With DJ Switch chasing this dance and got hold of it at a club where he meet up with some b-boys and we started breakin together, then moved on to making it happen for themselves and now they are the undoubtly the best crew in Johannesburg as they have won titles, just trying to maintain them cause everybody chases you once you got them. They are also involved in the kids t.v program called YO.T.V pushing their popularity national and making apperences, gving workshop all round our country and pushing the love of the dance where ever possible.
Now these two partners have made their mark in the scene, proving to all the determination of the making things happen from the success of the 2on2 Battles which have gone national in the space of two years of the three years its been running. 

2. What is the 2 ON 2 Battles?
This an event that just concentrates on the level and skill of a b-boy crew which consist of 2 guys hence 2 ON 2. The event has also been created for the dancers to finally showcase who they are and what they’ve got to prove themselves as the b-boys and b-girls practice for months and don’t get anything out of so this is basically a platform for them to bring all those hours to the floor and battle it out in order to win huge prizes which is not standard for a b-boy or b-girl to win, this is also why this event is also so special because the dancers normally get used as backup dancers for big artist to give their show a unique feeling and that’s not why b-boying was created.


Bad Boy T



South Africa’s premiere deejay and turntabilist group the CAPE FLATS BEATBAGAZ was formed in 1999 after READY D returned from the 1999 DMC competition in the USA. Ever since the group has collectively and individually had one goal and that was to promote the art of hip hop deejaying and turntabilism through mix shows, mixtapes and workshops. 

The group consisting out of READY D, AZUHL,DJ ANGIRL,SHAMIEL X and DJ E20, has made numerous club performances across South Africa and music festivals like Oppiekoppie, Flux Festival, KKNK, Woodstock, Rand Easter Show and numerous international music festivals like Pukkelpop,etc. The Beatbangaz was the only deejay group to have a mixslot on commercial radio for a year on RADIO GOODHOPE on Urma G’s show called the Twisted Spin Sessions. They have also contributed as facilitators on various community programs, university events and international music events like the REDBULL MUSIC ACADEMY, HIP HOP LOGIQUE FESTIVAL(France) and the SOUTH AFRICAN MUSIC CONFERENCE, CELL C SOUND OF THE CITY, LOERIE AWARDS.

Individually the group has contributed their talents to countless national and international musicians and are members of international hip hop group’s P.O.C. (Prophets of the City) and B.V.K. (Brasse Vannie Kaap) irrespectively. Beatbangaz also has been hosting their own event called “Night Of the Beatbangaz” that has been running since 2001 which is an hip hop event which also serves as a platform for up and coming deejays. In 2004 the group was also involved in the world’s first 72 hour music marathon held at the V&A Waterfront Cape Town. 

Beatbangaz are also involved in the International Alex Groll Cup since it’s inception in 2000 which is an international extreme skating event held in Cape Town, South Africa, annually. The group has also been working closely with Contact, Baobabconnections and Redbull to host bigger park jams in communities in and around the Cape Flats. Currently the Beatbangaz are involved in Red Bull Streetstyle whereby they tour schools doing showcases but also it’s aim is to find talented individuals or crews to represent their schools at an urban showdown at the end of each year till 2010.
The crew is also involved as deejays, researchers and consultants for the music program called “HIP HOP” on DSTV’s KYKNET channel called MK89 currently running. 

The crew are also members of Faculty of Hip Hop, a organization based in South Africa who deals in hip hop activism. Apart from deejaying the members are of Beatbangaz are also recording artist and producers in their own right and has contributed to various projects internationally. The SCRATCHLAB has also been setup that serves as a deejay training facility which the Beatbangaz are actively involved.


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