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Purple Simba, Shyam and Scandalous UNLTD coming to CPT


14 November 2006 No Comment

On Saturday 18 November Cape Town will host the biggest Grime crew in the UK as the True Tiger camp roll through the city for a once-off performance at Club Tonic (96 Long Street). London’s finest underground Grime MC Purple Simba is joined by vocalist Shyam and DJ Stanza/Scandalous UNLTD for South Africa’s biggest UK Urban event to date. Local support acts include Ben Sharpa, Controversy and Konfab To give you a taste of what to expect, below is a report taken from their myspace blog of last weekend’s show in Copenhagen.Monday, November 13, 2006
True Tiger in Denmark – The Down of Low…. Category: Music After going to sleep at 3AM on Thursday I rose @ 4AM on Friday morning to be greeted by the legandary Wire who was taking us to Stansted. Me & Purple got to the airport to meet Shyam, Paul Fynn & DJ Munchie who had already been doing some duty free shoppin. We checked in and found out that Bruza wasnt gonna make the flight – pissed! After getting searched thoroughly we made it onto the plane, the flight was breezy apart from my ears gettin murked when we were landing (who knows about them 1s!?). We got into Copenhagen around 11am and we’re collected by the head of Ohoi, DJ 2000F who is a legend in his own right! Soon as we arrive he shows me the biggest newspaper in Denmark for me to see Ohoi on the front page and a big two page article about them and the event we were performing at. He then goes onto tell us that myself and Purple were on Danish TV the night before so the word that we were in town was out there & the show was set to be ramned…. 1st Stop: We left Copenhagen airport n went straight to Ohoi’s studio. We arranged for the essential ingo’s to be delivered at the studio n then we got to work. Some people passed through to film the session and some other danish producers also passed through. As always our studio time was productive and we managed to record three new tracks with Purple & Shyam over beats by Paul Fynn & Harry Craze, look out for them! We were then joined in studio by Misty Dubs & Duncan Powell who flew out on Friday night who were both drinking Christmas beer – ask them about it! We ended our session at around 2:00AM after hearing some new beats from the Ohoi camp and other danish producers and I was mad impressed with the production levels & decided to take a beat for the next Eye Of The Tiger… Its mad how this sound is spreading across the world and people are big beats all over the globe! 2nd Stop: After gettin some rest we all linked up on Saturday to hit studio again, the studio enviroment was so nice & it highlighted how beneficial it can be to be in a nice studio! On arrival we meet up with Blue Beat & Pat who flew out on Saturday morning. Pat is immediately looking to lay down some guitar riffs and gets the electric guitar out. Blue Bear pulls out some new beats off his phone – technology is goin mad! We load 1 beat into Pro Tools n straight away Shyam has a hook for it… Whilst laying down the hook we are joined by 8 Manchester MC’s including Raw T & 1 Manchester DJ Messiah. The studio was kinda packed out with about 20 people in it and the vibes were heated. It was good to see that the Manchester boys were on a similar tip to us and yet again showed me how much this sound is spreading n influencing people! So by early evening we had recording going on in one room & Munchie, Purple & the manchester MC’s providing a set in the other room. Look out for it on the “Whos Cocky DVD”. After have a rehearsal for the show we then went back to our apartment where we chilled n linked up with Plastician, JME & Tincy Stryda. The promoters made sure we weren’t left hungry before the show and sorted out some serious variations of chicken including Columbian chicken,African chicken n rice, salad so that got finished in about 5 minutes! People started to get the drinks out n get ready for the show. Me n Munchie prepared for the set and dealt with some DVD interviews. Messiah, Raw T & the rest of the Manchester MC’s were on 1st out of the UK acts and they left the apartment to hit the show. So it was just True Tiger in the apartment so we got the vibes goin n we’re gettin ready to leave. We hit the venue for about 12:30, ready to go on at 1AM. Soon as he reach the venue its clear that the night is going to be a big one, people were shackin out n we were gettin alot of love on entrance. After reaching the stage to drop our records we hit backstage to meet the promoters family who were enjoying the UK sound and get into the vibe. After catching up with some people weve met on previous visits to Denmark we hit the stage ready to go. Im waiting to start my 1st record and Messiah signals “last track” to the manchester MCs who had the crowd hyped, they start strayin their last bars n the crowd are flippin out, Messiah has to reload the track about four times before I could go on! The vibe was there for us and we were overly on murking the rave…. I start my set with a tune I feel gets the biggest response in raves at the moment, Ruff Squads “Xtra” & as I predicted things kick off quickly with the tune getting reloaded 3 times. Me & Munchie dropped vocals for about 25 minutes and then we start the live PAs with Purple kickin off the processions performing “Broken Wings” which got reloaded by the time the chorus dropped. Straight after Purple performed an exclusive remix of “Blowin Up” which killed off the rave, people were losing it on the chorus & it got wheeled again n again!!! After this Purple introduces Shyam to the stage who got a massive reception on arrival to the stage. He then hits the crowd with Money Cant Buy accapella which had the whole crowd clappin n girls singin along at the front! Was deep to see Danish people singing along to our music! After “Money Cant Buy” Shyam & Purple go onto perform Silence and No Need To Smile which both got crazy responses! We then processed to raise the energy even more with a live set with myself n munchie going back 2 back with Purple n Shyam on mic. I decide to start the set with one of our new instrumentals which gained the name “Wall Of Sound” People were feelin big basslines out there! We shook the club for another 20 minutes and then handed over to Plastician who arrived to play his set off his laptop, once he was set up he started his set with some dark instrumentals which was causing a stir in the club. He was then joined on stage by JME & Tincy Stryda who both tore down the venue! We then hit backstage and found out what the promoters parents thought our show and they were overly impressed, good to know we can even please danish parents! The backstage started to get crowded with alot of heads n girls n the drinks were flowing. DJ 2000F played the final set and boy I gotta say he smashed the rave up with big instrumentals from the Ohoi camp as well as other club bangers! The event finished @ 6AM n people we’re raving til 6 with the lights on in the club! Straight after the show we’re receiving emails from people who came to the show to tell us it was the best show of 2006 in Copenhagen! Every1 is up til 7ish and then we roll back to London on Sunday afternoon… Was a crazy weekend n it showed me how much appeal our music globally so every1 whos on this UK music ting keep pushin n the sound will get out there… Our next trip is to Cape Town this weekend for the 1st grime event, look out for the pictures n blogs for that… We are in Cape Town for a few days so there will be lots to tell…

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