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Ill-Literate-Skill – Another Day Another Rhyme


5 December 2006 No Comment

Diggin Deep productions wishes to inform and announce the new Ill-Literate-Skill promo album which has just been released. Ill-Literate-Skill, (a tricky name consisting of multiple syllables is very apt, yet confusing) is defined by a trio of MCs based in a Cape Town township called Gugulethu, namely Uno AKA Tommy Jinxx, Macho AKA Fire-Breather and Macav AKA Jimmy Flexx.

The crew was established in 2004, formed by forces of mutual interest, these youths shared a vision that has come to establish them in the underground music scene. Evoking and provoking thought through articulate Ill-Literate-Skill and entertainment with wit and character, social circles embrace not only in the hip-hop community but also their charisma in general.

The promo album, titled ‘Another Day Another Rhyme’, took almost 2 years to package 12 witting-tracks together after compiling a mixtape earlier this year called the ‘Battle of Gugulethu’ (circulated over 500 copies) with their peers, Driemanskap and Planet Earth the main producer. They’ve also collaborated with a number of producers such as Planet Earth, Mafiana (First Case), Mizi, Spartan, DPlanet, Arsenic and Delay, proving their versatility in fitting their rhyming styles into various styles of sound crafts. Other guest appearances include T.O.P., Azgod AKA Max Magnum and Jazzlox.

The album will be released independently under Diggin Deep Productions, and will be available primarily in the streets at a cost of R50 and then also circulated worldwide through indie music stores and online distribution.

Meanwhile this promo is being released, Ill Skillz as alternatively known will be working on their debut full-length album due to be released in April 2007. It is titled ‘Middle-Class’, and it basically relates to their living conditions and their hustles they’ve been up to since their inception, addressing them through socially relevant issues. The ‘Middle-Class’ project will also be accompanied by a DVD which places every content into visuals, consisting showcases of their interviews, videos and performances- as they aim to target the film markets as well which is one of the groups main interests. Also in the meantime, 2 radio singles have been released such as ‘Easy Come Easy Go’ produced by Planet Earth and ‘Lets Do This’ produced by Mizi.

There also talks currently taking place about doing tours in Eastern Cape and Gauteng early next year, and it should be confirmed in due course. So in this way, through their multi-tasked abilities the crew will be complacent in releasing a fruitful project.

Ill-Literate-Skill is a promising crew with a prominent undeniable future in the music industry. A triangle of unity- Uno, Macho and Macav intend revolutionizing hip-hop in South Africa one track, one performance and one album at a time.

For any further queries or comments, you may contact us on +27 83 752 6789/ ill_literate_skill@yahoo.com/ myspace.com/illliterateskill.

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