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HipHop Imbizo – Durban


13 January 2007 No Comment

It is a forum wherein the significant and unsung voices of Hip Hop in Durban will be able to put forward their ideas. All the stakeholders (within the Hip Hop industry and community in general) will be able to identify the challenges and opportunities available at present in the Hip Hop Scene. It is an attempt to build a sustainable entertainment industry within the province, thereby creating jobs, promoting urban culture and instilling economic growth. Read on for more information…Hip Hop Imbizo(26 & 27 January 2007 )

Day one: Imbizo Expo (Launch) 6pm – 9pm

The first day of the Imbizo will be a brief outline of what we plan to achieve with such an event. We will introduce the program for the next day’s forums and discussions.

Most importantly, it is a chance for all stakeholders (business sector, government and the Hip Hop community) to be acquainted. This will be done over an informal atmosphere where issues that rise will be taken up formally the next day. We will also be displaying and selling Durban’s Hip Hop products across all the elements of Hip Hop.

Day two: Forums 12pm to 6pm
: Closing Event 8pm to 3am

The second day of the Imbizo will seek to actually tackle the issues at hand, having given the stakeholders a chance to get acquainted with each other.
A selection of industry players will give various addresses on pertinent issues and hold workshops throughout the day. The topics that will be covered will include the following:

1. The music industry (guests: SARRAL, radio station representatives)
2. Funding (guests: Department of Arts and Culture, Public Companies)
3. Skill Development and the Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise (guest: Umsobomvu)


Siphephelo Mbhele
Managing Director: Creative Lead Productions cc
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Fax No: 0860 905 080
Alternative email: mbheles@gmail.com

Sibusiso Tsewu
Marketing Director: Creative Lead Productions cc
Tel No: 078 632 5009
Fax No: 0860 905 080
Alternative email: tsewusibusiso@gmail.com

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