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Emile YX and Heal the Hood Project launch the first Hip Hop Culture School


6 May 2007 No Comment

Hip Hop is continually getting negative press and we have decided that we need to teach our version to the next generation or this negative version that is backed by the corporate world, will be the only one the youth will know. POC, Black Noise, Godessa, 5th Floor, Conquering Lions, BVK, Tumi, Zubs, K’naan … what is considered conscious hip hop, will not be played on mainstream national radio because it speaks of upliftment, yet gangs, drugs, bling bling, pimps and other negative images of Africans are sanctioned by rap selected by collar & tie wearing businessmen who run radio stations and televisions globally … why is that? Its ironic that they then blame the artists they decide to play on their radio stations for the content they choose to play … why is that?

It is for this reason that Emile YX? of legendary South African Hip Hop Group Black Noise and Heal the Hood Project created a 1 year practical course that will put young hip hop dancers through courses in:-

Performance skills like stage presence, originality of performance, mic control
Production of a play
Touring nationally and internationally
Proposal writing and Fund-raising
Sound engineering

D.T.P. for magazine, flyer and poster creation
Spraycan Art – Graffiti, Tagging, Writing,
Studio Recording, Music Production, MC’ing
Product Duplication CD & DVD
Event co-ordination
Marketing of products they involved in
Importance of Networking
Knowledge of Self – Our Story
Teaching breakdancing and passing on of skills
Dance Styles – Locking, Popping, New Style, House
Handling interviews on TV, magazine and radio

Emile is qualified school teacher and has just completed his second solo album, named “ROAR”, “Live it Loud, African and Proud”. Emile has decided to turn his performance with the solo album into an opportunity to school the next generation of hip hoppers with skills to manage themselves and survive from the creative skill in the same way that he has. The school will have practical and theory classes to empower these dancers. Emile decided to start with dancers because that was his introduction into hip hop culture as a breakdancer 1982, before they started Black Noise in 1988. Emile feels that he can relate to the dancers struggle to become self sustainable and he wants to teach these dancers the skills that are needed to pass on the hip hop culture to the next generation. The agreement we have with the dancers are that they will teach others what we have taught them. Unlike most schools, Emile will create performances to pay these students a monthly wage. If you or your school is interested in Heal the Hood Project doing a performance or assisting with anti-drug, anti-crime, fund-raising programmes, etc. Please call Fabian at 021 7060481 or 073136614.

This years 3 lucky students are Latecia Fisher aka Snoekie, Alfred Burgess aka B-Boy Benny and Daniel Van Wyk aka B-boy D-Rock. They will tour locally with Heal the Hood and African Hip Hop Indaba from the 15th May until 30th June. They then tour England and Italy before returning to South Africa for the African Hip Hop Indaba and My Hip Hop Play in August and September. They end the year with African Battle Cry in December. This year will determined the syllabus and create a blue-print for the schools future that we hope will become self-sustainable from this model. We would like to meet and teach as many people that are interested, so mail us at emiley@mweb.co.za or call Emile at +27 (0)21 7060481 or 082 3958125.

Heal the Hood & Emile YX?
www.healthehood.org & www.emileyx.co.za
Check out Heal the Hood on 2nd video on www.emileyx.co.za called Cape Flets Ding

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