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My Story Page One Mixtape – Explicit


6 July 2007 No Comment

From being contrivercial to being the dopest battle cat around, Explicit has finally decided to release his debut mixtape. After nearly 6 months of hardwork the mixtape is due to be out in mid July with heavyweights such as Proverb, N’veigh, Donnie Brasco, Reason and Wikid are just afew cats that appear on the mixtape. Read on for more info…When I spoke to explicit the question that I brought up was “Why so many features and do we get to hear explicit solo?” The response was simple” Look! Im on 5 solo tracks and plus the mixtape consists of 19 tracks, so you get to hear enough of me on every track!”

The Production line is just as impressive as the MC line up, D_mongs produced most of the mixtape, but versitility was added in with Ameen, Cash, X-rated, Sean Pages and Mizi. The production is trully outstanding and the word delivery is on point with the flow.

I meet explicit when he was still part of mind control, I assumed the mixtape would be mind control based but was quickly corrected by him that the click has split up, “We still boys and shit but I left because 16 bars was never enough” said explicit. Mind control appear on the mixtape never the less with two hot tracks that they did while they were together.

The mixtape will be released independently and explicit plans to sell it himself in various parts of j-sec with a price tag of 40 bucks. If you are outside of j-sec drop him an email on explicitmcu@gmail.com and arrangements will be made to get the mixtape to you.

I leave you with these final words, My story page one is worth every cent.

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