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Africasgateway.com will soon have a new look and an active team behind it. The site manager has been working for the past month on the rejuvenation project and all will be revealed soon. Keep your eyes peeled for this one. For any questions, suggestions or if you want to be part of this team email info@africasgateway.com and we’ll get back to you. Thank you. Update as at 27/10/2007: Currently migrating all content to new portal. It is taking a while as this site is massive. Please be patient. The upgrade is coming soon! Updated as at 4/11/2007: Please note that I have been able to transfer most of the data to the new site. The forum posts are taking a bit longer. Note that the new site will go live this week. Thank you for your patience! It will be worth the wait!  Updated as at 7/11/2007:  I have transferred over 100 000 posts to the new forums and currently working on priv msgs, reviews and users.  When the initial switch takes place we will transfer the remainder of the data so that nothing is lost.  Good news is that the ghost posts are still in place.  We are working around the clock to ensure it is done this week!