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Introducing The Heart & Brain


11 November 2007 No Comment
Starting from birth, we have a constant heart beat which reminds us that life should not be taken for granted. On the first day of our lives we have a brain that is constantly gathering numerous thoughts that can not be limited. Ultimately, the heart and brain are essential for survival and well being. One cannot exist without the other. The same factual philosophy has formed a duo that wants to keep Hip Hop's heart from stopping and mind from being 'brain- dead.' The Heart and Brain is a strong breeze of fresh air to the masses that crave what most real Hip Hop fans want…dope beats and dope rhymes.

Known as the Heart is a producer with a boom-bap heritage very evident in his eclectic creations. Teric Dukes, better known as Tzarizm, was born an 80's baby that grew up to the essence of the culture influenced heavily by rap music through the early and mid 90's. Any given day, you would find him in his room dubbing and mixing beats from the radio making his own loops to rap on for his personal catalog. Eventually, Tzar started making beats seriously with his crew called Paradox Unit. Since then, Tzarizm has released a solo independent album called Dirty Work in 2003 and a well praised remix album called Beatz to the Future in 2005. This has helped Tzar do work with many artists such as Planet Asia, Celph Titled, Phil The Agony, Pumpkinhead, Akrobatik and more. Not limiting himself to just underground exposure, Tzarizm has production being featured on multiple TV networks including ABC, MTV, E!, Spike TV and many more.

Food for thought is rare in the currently monstrous industry "rap world factory" that is heard on the radio every day. Born Phil McCalla, Vis Major is the Brain of the duo that brings words on paper to life worth listening to. Vis is no novice to the microphone, being part of the Hip Hop scene in Florida for close to a decade displaying his skills at any show or in the daily cipher. As the alias name Poetix, he started with the original crew called Magnus Fam and partnered with Orlando emcee CL Mecca to form The Tenth. The group worked with Tzarizm for a few years collaborating on tracks and performing shows in the Florida scene. Eventually, the formation of The Heart and Brain became more than an idea for these two, it became life.

MBodiment will be the first release from the two that will revitalize the ears of the masses with a sound of classic material. Over Tzarizm's versatile range of beats, Vis Major will express many angles and emotions of everyday life. Representing a collective called Urban Jungle Empire, The Heart and Brain is essential to the culture and plans on continuing the movement with poignant mind, body, soul…and Hip Hop.

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