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CVET Launches Online Digital Video Archive


13 November 2007 No Comment

Community Video Education Trust (CVET) launched its online digital archive hosting video footage spanning 20 years of anti-apartheid struggles of the people of the Western Cape. Historical archival footage of the Trojan Horse Massacre Press Conference of October 1985 is typically the kind of material that is available on CVET’s website, www.cvet.org.za

The website hosts raw footage of that time including demonstrations, speeches, mass funerals and interview with prominent leaders of the time. Interviews include Oscar Mpetha veteran of the Anti Apartheid movement, Trevor Manual former General Secretary of the United Democratic Front (UDF), Shepi Mati leader of the celebrated 1980’s student organization Congress of South African Students (Cosas). Over 300 hours from over 2000 tapes have already been digitized.

Zulfah Otto-Sallies, film maker and Chairperson of CVET says “we are very thankful to Michigan State University for this partnership that brings the archive out of cardboard boxes to use as a resource for Human Rights Education. We are excited about bringing these important stories to the youth of today.”


300 youth from all over the Cape, attended the launch held at the College of Cape Town, Athlone, Saturday 27 October 2007. 15 artists including Godessa and BlaqPearl helped to showcase their talents of the youth of today who have taken up the baton of the youth of yesterday to build a better democracy.


Anti-apartheid activists of the 80’s also shared messages with the youth. Finance Minister Trevor Manual & Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs, Sports and Recreation, Whitey Jacobs recorded a video message for the youth. Deputy Minister of Social Develop, Jean Swanson-Jacobs was in attendance and got the youth clapping and singing to ‘struggle’ songs of the 80’s.

Minister Manual said “While the memory of the struggle is about big names like Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Joe Slovo, in fact the struggle was the product of many many contributions of people who would otherwise not be remembered.

MEC Jacobs said “What is important about the Trojan Horse Massacre is that it all tells us today that the struggle to end apartheid racial oppression … was struggle of all the people of our society, white, coloured and african.


Community Video Education Trust (CVET) conducts entry-level video production training courses to ‘bridge the gap’ for young people from marginalised backgrounds. It promotes the use of video as a development tool to empower organs of civil society to affect change, explore cultural expression and influence decision-makers.


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