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27 November 2007 No Comment

To say that SoulStice spits knowledge would be an understatement; after all, he does have a Masters Degree in Electrical Computer Engineering and holds down a position with the Department of Defense. Yet, SoulStice loves the unique challenge of balancing his high-powered “day job” and his passion for hip hop. Years of grind, development and immersion culminated in the fall of 2005 for SoulStice with the release of his debut album North by Northwest: Solid Ground.

Although released independently through Wandering Soul Records, the album was quickly hailed by critics and fans as one of the best hip hop albums of 2005.  SoulStice has since been featured in XXL Magazine, The Source, URB, Scratch, Elemental, Ballerstatus.com, Allhiphop.com and most other tastemaker hip hop publications and websites.  Renown journalist Tavis Smiley has even taken an interest, interviewing SoulStice on his nationally syndicated radio show.  Energetic live performances and chart-topping college radio singles have served alongside the press coverage to create an impressive buzz.  In early 2006, SoulStice and Wandering Soul Records caught the interest of Neil Levine, head of Urban Marketing at EMI, leading to a national distribution deal through EMI/Caroline.  SoulStice has also developed a loyal overesas fanbase, leading to several international distribution partnerships, including Universal Music and Lastrum in Japan.

Sharing the stage with artists as diverse as John Legend and Wu-Tang Clan has set the proper foundation for SoulStice to shine through high-energy live performances throughout the US and Europe. SoulStice has collaborated with the legendary AZ of Illmatic fame, Cuban Link, formerly of Terror Squad, and many producers, both well-known and up-and-coming. As a result of his music industry experience SoulStice was invited to become also a voting member of the Recording Academy and attended the 2007 Grammy Awards this past February.  Combining a soulful blend of Chicago funk and east-coast boom-bap, SoulStice makes what he insists is “commercial music” with awareness and attitude.  Through this unique brand of hip hop, SoulStice documents his one-of-a-kind journey from the windy city of Chicago to the nation’s capitol of Washington, DC, and across the globe.
“North by Northwest” (Wandering Soul 2003)
“North by Northwest” [Japan Release] (Handcuts/Universal 2005)
“North by Northwest: Solid Ground” (Wandering Soul 2005)
“Return of the Kings” [Mixtape] (Wandering Soul / EMI 2006)
“Dark Water” (Wandering Soul / EMI 2006)
“Dark Water” [Japan Release] (Handcuts/Universal 2006)
“Dead Letter Perfect” [Japan Release] (Bella Phoenix / Lastrum 2007)
“Dead Letter Perfect” (Wandering Soul 2007)
“The Melody” (Wandering Soul / TRC 2003)
“Always / The Quickening” (Wandering Soul / TRC 2005)
“Rock Solid” feat. Cuban Link (Wandering Soul / EMI 2006)
“Speak On It” feat. AZ (Wandering Soul / EMI 2006)
“Movement Music” (Wandering Soul 2007)
“Be Perfect” (Wandering Soul 2007)
SoulStice has recently returned from tour in Japan supporting his latest album, “Dead Letter Perfect.”  Plans for a Europe tour in the spring of 2008 are currently underway and SoulStice is available for booking.

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Soulstice @ MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/soulstice
Wandering Soul: http://www.wanderingsoul.com 

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