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Saint and Muneshine remix Jay-Z’s American Gangster


2 February 2008 No Comment

Not another one!! Yes that's right, what this world needs is yet another Jay-Z remix album. If it helps any, this version gives it more of a throw back vintage Jay-Z style of production. In other words for the folks who are up on Saint and Muneshine's style of music, yeah its like that, but Jay-Z is rhyming on it.

Saint and Muneshine remix Jay-Z's "American Gangster"

Available for free download via Zshare

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Saint's "About Time" (Pro Se | Domination Recordings) coming soon!
Critically acclaimed MC/Producer Saint (of the Good People) drops a solo album that reminds listeners of how great independent hip hop is made. Featuring Dumi Right (of Zimbabwe Legit), Cadence, Mr. Man (of Bush Babees), El da Sensei, NYOL, Mr. Complex, Muneshine, Emskee and more.

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