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2 March 2008 No Comment

All our members grew up in different environments of the Cape Flats, from Mitchells Plain, Grassy Park, Kuilsriver and Ravensmead. We all have different abilities when it comes to writing our material. Lil Homes is more hardcore and spits with a lot of zeal and energy, M.O.B thinks of himself as the wordsmith and writes verses with deep seated meanings that you’ll only get after listening to the tracks a coupla hundred times.

Narc can spit like a machine gun, he probably has gills because he doesn’t breathe when spitting. MDK is the Mr. Smooth MC, his verses are always immaculate and his flow is consistent and smooth. All of the members currently have fulltime jobs too to support our recording habit as we pay for everything out of our pockets. Lil Homes is currently do a course in Sound Engineering while M.O.B is also doing his degree in IT Management.

We all met in Kuilsriver when we all moved there, and we started our group 2 years ago cause all of us has a passion for music and also think that we can bring something positive to the table when it comes to our community. Our main focus is the upliftment of our communities and inspiring the youth to pursue their dreams irrespective of their circumstances. Our brand of music is Hip Hop and R & B, but we try to stick to making concept songs e.g. AIDS song, Mistakes 1, Mistakes 2, What You Expect (on our first album). We do party so of course we have party tracks, and good party tracks to keep the people moving too. We strongly believe that we have talent and that we are good at what we do and coupled with our passion this music is explosive! And at the same time gets you thinking.

We have our own production company M.O.B.C.O.W productions and thus far we have produced, written, arranged, composed and recorded 90% of the material you hear. We are in the process of buying studio equipment to build our own studio. Suburban Menace will be the lead act on M.O.B.C.O.W productions but we also have 2 R & B artist that is signed to us, namely Cindy Cayser and Garth Voster. Our in-house producer and beat maker is MSeeq and he is currently in Miami getting our equipment. We are independent at the moment and we want to keep it that way, unless we get a good record deal where our creativity will not be tampered with by a record company.

We have no management at the moment either so the group takes full responsibilities as entrepreneurs as well as artists. Our mission for the next three months is to setup gigs at all the carnivals that will be hosted around the city to spread the word and enlighten the youth. We will also do 1 or 2 gigs at certain clubs, thus far our music has been well accepted from CT to JHB to PE, and the question on everyone’s mouth is when we going to blow and hit the radios? Well we working on that as we realize the music aint the end all and be all to get there. Our in house producer will be back in April and our studio will be up and running, so ja if we don’t go mainstream before that, then that is our time to shine.

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Marvin Levendal – 0824455086

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