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Black Noise, Legendary South African Hip Hop Group, celebrates their 20th Anniversary


28 April 2008 No Comment

Black Noise was established from the last of the original b-boys that started in 1982. Initially they started MC’ing as part of the amalgamated b-boy crew called Furious Floor Rockers in 1985/6. The name then changed to The Chill Convention and Black Noise was formed in 1988. Black Noise was formed from members of the b-boy crews like, Pop Glide Crew, Supreme Team, Ballistic Rock and Jam Rock Crew.

Black Noise plans to celebrate their 20th Anniversary by releasing a “Best of Black Noise CD, followed by a new Black Noise CD and DVD about the groups’ history. Also expect commemorative jams and clothing. As the Godfathers of Hip Hop in South Africa, they plan to host a celebration showcasing the best hip hop talent that Cape Town has to offer at the Baxter on the 28th & 29th August 2008. . They also have plans to tour nationally in September and October 2008.

Black Noise is currently working on a new show and album, after taking a bit of break when Emile YX? released his 2nd solo CD, ROAR, toured the UK, Italy and Norway and was asked to speak at the African Hip Hop Conference held at Harvard University in the USA. He will release a DVD and book that will go with that CD in the next three months. Emile is also working on a book called “Making a Black Noise”, which is a written account of the groups 20 years from Emile’s perspective.

Anyone interested in booking Black Noise for talks, shows or demonstrations, can call Emile at 082 3958125 or Heal the Hood Offices at 021 7060481. email emiley@mweb.co.za or check www.emileyx.co.za for more information.

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