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28 April 2008 No Comment

Beruit and Khanya make up the super duo group “Imbube” pronounced “Im-booh-beh”, the Zulu word meaning Lion.  The group first broke ground on Young Nations hit single “Syeke Ngey Ndaba” as they were both featured on this invigorating chorus.  They went on to feature again alongside Young Nations on the lead single to his album “Zwakala Emzansi”. These two individuals breathe intense and exciting wordplay with the melodic and nostalgic hooks and choruses.  When Beirut and Khanya met for the first time in 2000, it was the coming together of two powerful stories and two creative minds that would later give birth to the signature Imbube sound. 


The two realized hip hop gave them the unique creative space they required to properly express their lyrical abilities and convey their interpretations of the life experience.  After an intense period of survival and song writing, 2004 opened with new possibilities for the group on a chance meeting with recording artist Young Nations.  In the harsh environment of southern Johannesburg, the new found comrades found refuge in their mutual dedication and passion for music.  Often with no more than a clock radio to rehearse from, the two members of Imbube continued to develop their music. 



When Young Nations and Draztik teamed up to run Unreleased Records, it was a natural progression that Draztik’s heavy production style would begin to influence their sound.  Imbube seized the opportunities to explode on features like the Draztik-produced street anthem, “Syeke Ngey ndaba”, “Gatsi” and the lead single “Zwakala Emzansi” alongside legendary Ray Phiri. 




Finally, 2008 brings the launch of the debut album from Imbube, HIP HOP THEATRE.  The album itself is a journey into the lives of Imbube and a reflection of the world today as they see it.



The debut album is slated for release in March 2008 under Unreleased Records.  Production credits include Hipe, Draztik, Nyambz and Marlon Green. The Album features include Zuluboy, Young Nations, Nicky Shange, Lucky Nkosi and Sufidan.  



For more info, email: info@unreleasedrecords.com



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