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New ‘Prophet’ Film Hits Core Issues of YFZ Raid


28 April 2008 No Comment

RED ROAD PRODUCTIONS, in association with Five Star Productions, has completed "Follow the Prophet," a film that looks at the horrific forced marriages of under age females by cult elders. It focuses on the emotional damage these young women face in their lives from sexual molestation. The film follows a man's journey into the underbelly of a religious cult and his discovery of sexual indoctrination of children and his heroic efforts to save them.

"Follow the Prophet" arrives in the wake of the raid on the polygamist community at Yearning for Zion Ranch, Texas at the beginning of April 2008. Just as the girl known as "Sarah" cried for help when she slipped an anonymous call to authorities, "Follow the Prophet" is about the fictional character, Avery, and her cry for help. The story finds Colonel Jude Marks crossing paths with Avery, a young teenage cult runaway, who seeks freedom and safety from a life of sexual abuse. Together, Avery and Col. Marks attempt to expose the truth that is hidden in a town in Utah.

"Polygamy is nothing more than the systemic abuse and exploitation of children hidden beneath the skirt of religious freedom. Founded and perpetrated upon thousands beginning and maintained under Mormon theology, polygamy is nothing more than an Organized Crime and must be eradicated to safeguard America's most vulnerable, our children," says Flora Jessop, http://helpthechildbrides.com/

"It exposes polygamous men who have sex with their daughters to prepare them for marriage. Kudos to Red Road for telling this story, and what a great cast. The acting is terrific!" says Laurie Allen, Producer of Banking on Heaven.

"We are now submitting to film festivals and looking for a good distribution partner," says producer Joan Sweeny."This story provides witness to rituals from deep within the Mormon scriptures that cause the systemic sexual abuse of young girls," says writer Robert Chimento.

"Follow the Prophet" is directed by Drew Ann Rosenberg, written by Robert Chimento, produced by Joan Sweeny, produced by Paul Bernard, James Scura and Dave Cory. Stars Tom Noonan (Winner of Independent Spirit Award), David Conrad (Ghost Whisperer) and Diane Venora (Winner of N.Y. film Critics Award). Executive Producers Ralph Cioffi and Jay Wilson (Winner of Independent Spirit Award).



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