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Young King – Biography

28 April 2008 No Comment

With the rap game changing faces with young artist such as Soulja Boy, Hurricane Chris, Bow Wow, Romoe and more. Doesn’t it make you think “who will be the Jay-Z of there era?” or “who will be the Lil Wayne or even the best rapper of this young generation?”, well if your wondering who it is theres only one name that can be said and he is not on that list his name Young King.

Representing the south with his heart Georgia to be exact Malik Abdulmalik better known as Young King, is the definition of New Hip Hop. Growing up listening to 2 pac, Out-Kast, Jay-z, The Hot Boyz Dr. Dre, Eminem, and B.I.G is what sets this southern hospitality rapper away from everyone in the game today.His southern drawl is noticeable yet clear in interpretation.His presence as a light skin 6′3 hard body guy has already established himself with young ladies from all areas of schools,malls, websites,and clubs. But what really sets this young rapper away from these new artist in the game is his hardcore lyrics and full-throttle energy. Lines such as “Im like a tahoe in the game cuz imma GMC” and “I gotta keep pushin like mamas and baby strollas/ n rise to the top like fizz in coca cola” is what allows him to be called The Best Rapper of His Era and The New Hip Hop. ” Im not trying to be like nobody in the game I came to be me, When I spit through the mic I do it for the struggle i been through, the streets, and all the hustlers and lyrical rappers such as Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye West, Lupe Faisco, and Out-Kast. I want to represent the south and show the world this is where Hip Hop lives and were not just about Cranking and Snapping I am ready to show the world who i am.”


With the struggle of his parents not supporting him with his music and not having money to get studio time or purchase beats, he started selling candy his middle school years and by his high school years he started his mixtapes. Not only is he a rapper but also a business man that tries and open ways for more opportunities for himself. But with music and money on his mind, school came last for him.King hooked up with a friend at school and started recording verses and remakes of any hot song at the moment. By his sophmore year he and his friend dropped thier first mixtape called “The Life of Some Young Geez”. Selling it throught out school giving him a name and respect from upper classmen that he never had and also about five hundred dollars. By his senior year with his name floating around school he started battling students shutting each one down and then dropped his first solo mixtape called “The Southern Threat” giving him the name The Best Rapper Alive. Later in the year he started performing at open mics and show cases coming first place every time making the judges not think twice. Winning prizes and getting himself a name the only thing King wanted was respect.

With music as his life it just shows that this is an artist that will enter the game and never leave even after death. “People don’t understand what I think about the rap game as far as these new artist do, I don’t do this for the money and girls but for the fans and love i have for writing, performing and music itself.I feel as if you have a passion and love for something you wanna do you better go out there and get it and be the best at. I didn’t just wake up one morning and said “I wanna be a rapper, no!” I knew and everybody else knew that i loved music and that I was going to make it because this is what I live for and would die for, I prove it in every song and show it in every show.” He also never dreamed about being a rapper. “I know alot of people who say there dream is to be a rapper, for me it was never like that because i am a rapper just because im not on your television and on tour with your favorite rapper doesn’t mean im not a rapper”. With his mind determined to take over the rap game and being called The Best Rapper of His Era, rapping about the streets, the struggles, girls, money, drugs, and being the best, Young King is the next biggest name to enter the music industry since Chris Brown.

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