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A coloring book for graffiti wannabes


7 May 2008 No Comment

Here comes the book where you can decide how graffiti should be colored yourself. More than sixty of the best graffiti writers in Scandinavia have done sketches with thick black contours for this classic and unusual coloring book.

The book allows you to practice your coloring skills to sketches by writers like Nug from Stockholm, Egs from Helsinki and Bates from Copenhagen. Graffiti sketches act as patterns for graffiti pieces but are also works of art in their own right. The book is an inspiring document of its time as well as a coloring book.
“After publishing several books on graffiti, it felt right to issue a coloring book on the subject,” says publisher Malcolm Jacobson.
The job of collecting sketches was assigned to the Stockholm graffiti writer Uzi, of international renown.
Uzi asked the writers he deems to be the best and most current to do sketches especially for the Graffiti Coloring Book. They include both newcomers and legends. The age of contributors spans from 20 to 40.
It is hard to discern one Scandinavian style as you leaf through the book. The styles vary from Ador’s fragmented letter pictures to Disey’s wildstyle to Que’s train style.
“Scandinavian styles fit quite well in black-and-white,” says Uzi with satisfaction, having nagged for months to obtain the coveted sketches.
Writers may spend all day doing pieces, but sitting down to draw a sketch for printing is a rare occasion for most writers.
“You’d think everybody would want to participate in a book like this, but gathering the material was harder than you’d think,” says Uzi.

A few contributors:
• Ador, from Stockholm, is a pioneer of the attractively ugly style that was launched in Scandinavia in the mid-90s.
• Bates, from Denmark, is one of the world’s most famous graffiti writers and lies in the foreground of Scandinavian graffiti. He is a member of several graffiti crews such as COD and WCA from the United States.
• Disey is just as important to Swedish graffiti as Ingmar Bergman was to Swedish film.
• Egs is possibly the best and most important writer in Finland.
• Nug’s clear graphic style has changed the way graffiti is made and has had a huge impact on Sweden and the rest of the world.
• Que is a member of the Stockholm graffiti group Writers United Football Club (WUFC). He seldom sketches, but contributes a humorous drawing of graffiti as a game of cat and mouse to the book.
• Uzi, from WUFC, has written graffiti on walls and trains around the world since the mid-80s.

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Title: Graffiti Coloring Book
Editor: Uzi
Format: 21.5×28 cm
Binding: Paperback
No. of pages: 64
No. of illustrations: 63
Publication date: May 20, 2008
ISBN 978-91-85639-08-3


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