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Headz Against Violence


28 May 2008 No Comment

In light of the human rights violations currently taking place in South Africa, a hip hop concert will be held at Baseline in Newtown, Johannesburg on Sunday, 1st of June to raise money and collect food & supplies for the displaced.

Over 30 established hip hop artists will come together under one roof, a truly historic event, as an initiative of this magnitude has never taken place before. The event will commence at 12 midday and finish at 10pm. The line up includes artists such as Jozi, Slikour, Tuks, Jub Jub, Koldproduk, Tumi, Zubz, Nthabi, DJ Kenzhero and many, many more… There will also be hip hop dancers, graffiti artists and skateboarders at the event.


The two main objectives are to raise awareness as well as raising funds in aid of the displaced. The fifth element of hip hop is 'Knowledge of Self' and social activism plays a big role, so it is our duty, as hip hop headz, to help those in need.


The entrance fee is R50 – and everyone is also encouraged to bring food & supplies. The money and supplies will be given to Gift of the Givers Foundation. www.giftofthegivers.com . This organisation makes 4 daily trips into the affected parts of the country, as well as oversee the needs of the various churches, police stations and shelters where the victims have taken refuge. This process will be audited.


There's a second part to the initiative as well. Together with numerous Johannes;burg-based  racing clubs, there will be a car/bike run on the 14th of June, where hundreds, if not thousands, of cars/motorbikes will hit the road, making stops on the way for people to donate goods. There will be a meeting point where all goods raised will be handed over to the Gift of the Givers Foundation. We're awaiting confirmation from the Racing Club regarding the routes and stop areas. A follow-up press release will be sent out…


So, we're urging you to come through and support this initiative. Bring along food, clothing, blankets, baby products & any other relevant supplies and let's all join together in the spirit of hip hop and contribute as much as we can.

Just like P.O.C [Prophets of  Da City] said during the struggle, we have 'Ons Stem' [Our Voice]. Let's use it and help those in need, if not to speak out against these violent acts, then to contribute what we can.



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