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Kertasy Gets Fresh 2 Def with Video Debut


16 July 2008 No Comment

While many of today's up and coming artists get buried in the shuffle of promoting their records, New Jersey-born Kertasy is bringing a fresh face and new style to the forefront of today's music. Kertasy has teamed with Debonair Records to create his full-length debut album, which is due out later this year. He recently released the catchy single "Fresh 2 Def," and now has a video to bring the song to life.
Hailing from Elizabeth, New Jersey, Kertasy faced a number of challenges in his youth, all of which he has been able to express through his music. At one point he was in the streets, hustling in every way imaginable. Through the traumatic experiences of witnessing his mother's drug addiction, his father passing away and seeing how street life was bringing down his friends, Kertasy chose to take a different route. Through his life changes, his mother also got back on the right track and is clean to this day. Kertasy still enjoys inspiring others through his actions. 
In the past two years Kertasy has released two mixtapes, Kockback and Reloaded- Leave a Message Vol. 1 and 2, and created a buzz for himself with the street singles "All Eyes," "Shake Dat A**" and "Drinkin My Money." Beginning in 2005, Kertasy performed on the national Vibe Magazine College Tour for three consecutive years, sharing the stage with the likes of Juelz Santana, Fabolous, Little Brother and Cheri Dennis.
"I feel like my success has been climbing over the past three years," explains Kertasy. "It was a highlight to be on the Vibe Magazine College Tour and rocking for hundreds of people, all cheering and loving my music when they were hearing it for the first time. That is inspiring, and shows me that I'm on the right track in giving the fans what they want, while holding on to my musical vision."
In June 2008, Kertasy appeared on BET's Spit Ya Game segment, garnering even more interest from fans via his Myspace and YouTube channels. He's been in the studio working on his album, which will be released only when Kertasy and Debonair Records feel the time is right.
"People can expect a lot of different concepts with the direction I'm taking my music," explains Kertasy. "It won't be a bunch of words slapped together to make it rhyme – there will be meaningful stories in the album. Of course I'll make some enjoyable music for the women and the clubs too, but it's all about achieving a balance."
With his new single "Fresh 2 Def," Kertasy is poised to make a solid impact on radio, television and live appearances throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. The video offers a vivacious performance from the young artist, and currently receives favorable play on independent video shows in the tri-state area, and radio rotation on 26 stations on the East coast. The video is also on the Music Choice On Demand cable network.
Debonair Records is looking toward more live shows, promotional touring and special appearances for Kertasy as the album date nears. "Kertasy is definitely an artist who not only through his music, but he as a person exemplifies all those attributes that made me devote my life to Hip Hop," explains Debonair Records' CEO Philipp "Debonair" Pierre. "When I first heard his music, the first thing that struck me was his colossal voice and the sincerity he expresses. His humble, hard working attitude is refreshing. His fans come from all over the country, all with different stories and struggles. He is truly an artist of the people."
Kertasy expresses a mutual admiration for the Debonair Records team, and foresees big things for the future. "Debonair has a very firm work ethic that pushes me to work harder," says Kertasy. "He truly believes in me and the project, so much that nothing will stop him in accomplishing the goals we set. Debonair will be the next great label with me as the flagship artist to set things off!"




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