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18 July 2008 No Comment

King Solomon and Giggles emerged in 2007 with the smash web hit "Camouflage Back Massage", which generated over 500,000 views on YouTube, and features on other prominent video sites such as Veoh, Myspace, Collegehumor, The Daily Reel, DotComedy and a homepage feature on NBC.com. After capturing interests from fans from around the globe, they're now back with a follow-up release "Take Your Pants Off (Don't Touch My Balls)" – a track about going to the doctor's office to get checked for hernia.
Influenced in the style of early 80's Prince, Michael Jackson and Rick James, King Solomon teamed up with his production sidekicks Rakeman and DJ Man-E to produce an intricate, slick Hip Hop dance track with a retro feel for "Take Your Pants Off."
"Once you hear it, you'll feel it in your balls…even if you're a woman" says King Solomon. "Ok, maybe that's physically impossible. Fine. But it'll definitely make your uterus explode."
Growing up in Philly, the King Solomon and Giggles were surrounded by the neo-soul Hip Hop scene, which was heavily popular in the city at the time. "I wanted to do something different," says King Solomon. He describes his rapping style as "a totally awesome sound that makes the ladies go wild."
Although they deliver a new-school sound, their music is a blend of comedy and Hip Hop, reminiscent of old-school rap rooted in comedy ala Digital Underground's classic "The Humpty Dance," The Fat Boys, Biz Markie and others.
Titles like "Camouflage Back Massage," "Girls With Diseases" and "Buttcheeks & Titties" define the tone of the duo's music. "Some people tell us that nobody will take our music seriously because we're doing comedy," explains Solomon. "But think about how Hip Hop reached the masses… songs like The Fresh Prince's 'Parents Just Don't Understand' helped get the ears of the surburban kids, and ultimately caused Hip Hop to blow up. Back then, nobody said ‘that's not music!' Hip Hop has become so serious over the past decade that people forget that it was often rooted in comedy."
Combining hot beats meshed with carefully constructed rhymes and lyrical delivery, King Solomon and Giggles aim to prove that good Hip Hop can still make you laugh. "We make comedy and Hip Hop go together like pudding and Bill Cosby."


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