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King Solomon and Giggles Get Silly with New Single


18 July 2008 No Comment

Fun Hip Hop is back in the mix, thanks to New York duo King Solomon and Giggles! After releasing several humorously unique singles like "Smack Your Dog In The Face" and "Camoflauge Back Massage," the multi-talented musical team has unleashed their hilarious new video for "Take Your Pants Off (Don't Touch My Balls)."
An ode to a rather "touchy" situation at the doctor's office, "Take Your Pants Off" was written, composed and produced by King Solomon, Rakeman and DJ Man-E. Giggles performs alongside Solomon with a stoic gaze as they lament on the sensitive topic. Add in a few hot chicks, some crazy dance moves and an E.R.-friendly beatbox cipher, and you've got nearly five minutes of comedic funk.
While King Solomon and Giggles have stayed true to their namesake with uniquely-styled humor engrained in their songs, they take the actual music very seriously. Solomon is a classically-trained musician and producer, and feels strongly that paying homage to fun Hip Hop in the vein of Digital Underground's Humpty Hump, The Fresh Prince, Biz Markie and other comedic rappers is only right.
"Some people tell us that nobody will take our music seriously because we're doing comedy," explains Solomon. "But think about how Hip Hop reached the masses… songs like The Fresh Prince's 'Parents Just Don't Understand' helped get the ears of the surburban kids, and ultimately caused Hip Hop to blow up. Back then, nobody said ‘that's not music!' Hip Hop has become so serious over the past decade that people forget that it was often rooted in comedy."
"Take Your Pants Off," "Smack Your Dog In The Face," and "Camoflauge Back Massage" are available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Amazon, eMusic, Zune and Walmart.com. Meanwhile, King Solomon and Giggles are making even more music to put smiles on the faces of Hip Hop fans everywhere!


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